Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

This one is translated from the first half hour or so of the video "Nassim Haramein Proving How Mainstream Physics is Wrong", where our mainstream scientists may have no idea about double-slit interference andSchrödinger's cat is misunderstood in the wrong direction!

This article is long, so be prepared, and of course, very shocking!

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

If you have a theory on the macro scale and another theory on the micro scale, and they are not compatible with each other. Then you have a split personalityliterally. and that does have an impact on both societies. So I started looking deeper into it, trying to find the common ground between macro and micro.

We all know that at the macroscopic level you will have galaxy-sized structures; there are pulsars, which are actually baby galaxies that will eventually become a galaxy. At the microscopic level you would have atoms, protons, etc.

When you go to the black hole at the center of the galaxy, you will find that infinity appears in the equation that describes the black hole, the singularity. When you go to look at the quantum scale, you also find infinity. That is, when you go to look at the energy levels and space within atoms, you will find that their energy density also tends to infinity. So you find singularities existing at the center of black holes and also at very fine quantum levels. And these two meet at the Planck length - 1.6x10-33 cm.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

The origin of quantum mechanics is the study of the light bulb. The manufacturer of light bulbs at the time approached Planck and asked him to study how to improve the life of light bulbs. Planck then began to study how to find filaments that would last longer. So Planck began to study the problem of thermal radiation of the elements in the filament, also known as blackbody radiation. But when he made calculations and predictions using the formulas available at the time, he found that the calculated results did not match the actual measurements.

The formula at that time predicted that an infinite amount of ultraviolet energy would be radiated, which was the "ultraviolet catastrophe" of that year. As a result, Planck studied for a long time to find that if he put Planck's constant into the formula, then the formula at each frequency predictions and experimental results can match. He published this finding, but was not optimistic about the result.

Bohr then discovered that when an electron in an atom jumps from one orbital to another, the energy it releases is always a fixed value. Einstein saw this as a quantum, which is one part of energy. This is why quantum mechanics is called quantum mechanics. It describes quantized energy, that is, one part of energy at a time.

The reason Planck doesn't see this result favorably is that it does seem a bit odd. That is, when something is heated, its energy increase is not continuous, but increases in this small, small amount of energy, so Planck then thinks that this should not be right.

Only this small portion of energy is very small, so it looks to us as if it is continuous, but in fact it is quantized. Einstein later proposed the concept of photons and the photoelectric effect based on this, and won the Nobel Prize for it. They also had to give Einstein a PhD before awarding him the Nobel Prize, because Einstein did not have a PhD at that time.

The number (Planck's constant) h/2π is used in Bohr's description of the electron. That is, the angular momentum of the electron, which is spinning. This energy is actually a small rotation. So what I want you to understand is that rotation is present at the most fundamental level of quantum theory. It is very important, and it is at the finest level of spacetime. Rotation is described in quantum theory in a very classical way, and then quantum theory goes completely off on a tangent. The interpretation of the Young's double slit interference experiment and the Copenhagen interpretation are both completely wrong, as we will talk about later.

There is a big problem in physics, the negatively charged electrons in an atom revolve around the positively charged nucleus, and according to classical theory this radiates energy. The electron's energy would soon be exhausted and fall into the nucleus, so that the atom could not exist at all. And the explanation they give is related to the double slit interference experiment. I'm here to tell you exactly when it all started to go wrong.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

Just then the double-slit interference experiment came out. People in the spiritual community were very excited about this double-slit interference experiment, but they were interested because of the same mistake. I've been arguing against the false idea that the double-slit experiment explains consciousness, as in the documentary "How Much Do We Know". And it's just so wrong, and it's not interesting at all.

First of all there is no mention of consciousness at all in the double-slit interference experiments of mainstream physics, none at all. So, it is very wrong to say that the Copenhagen interpretation, double-slit interference explains consciousness.

This is the reason why mainstream physics ridicules this point. Physics doesn't say that at all. The Copenhagen interpretation only says that there will be wave function collapse when there is an observed measurement, but the wave function does not collapse to the state the observer wants when it collapses. It doesn't have anything to do with consciousness, meaning that when the observer wants a cat, it doesn't just appear, it could be a crocodile, or a half-cat, half-crocodile, or a demon from another universe. What I mean is that the result of the measurement leading to the collapse of the wave function does not have anything to do with the observer.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

The problem posed by the double slit interference experiment is this. When you hit one particle at a time at the double slit, you also get an interference pattern on the screen behind the double slit. It's as if this one particle is splitting as it crosses the double slit, crossing both slits at the same time and interfering with itself on the other side of the slit to form an interference pattern. So they say, "Oh my God. A particle can be in two places at the same time, it can be both a wave and a particle at the same time. And that's how they've been teaching physics ever since, and so the students have big heads, and the universe is a little too nonsensical.

Then they put a camera in front of the double slit and put a measuring device, trying to figure out which slit the particle actually went through and whether it really appeared in both places at the same time. Then they got a third result, and suddenly the interference fringe was gone. But what they didn't mention was that the measuring device that made it look to the observer as if it changed the measurement was the one that had to be tuned to the same size as the slit. It's not like you can just arbitrarily put in a measurement device and change the measurement result. And they didn't mention this.

There was a man in Copenhagen who tried to explain all this to Bohr and Einstein. Saying that you don't need to make quantum mechanics incomprehensible because for a hundred years they had been teaching their students.

Don't try to imagine it, it's not something you can imagine, it's not classical mechanics. They abandoned all classical mechanics and interpreted Schrödinger's equation as probability. So all physics at the quantum level is described in terms of probabilities, all based on randomness. I mean, it's completely unrelated to consciousness, because it's not based on a conscious observer creating something, but in saying that it's completely random and completely unaware of its state until it's measured. And then it will collapse to a state where I have absolutely no idea what he will be.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

And a classic example is Schrodinger's cat! I want everyone to follow along, because it's very important. I will take you all from all this quantum nonsense to simple mechanics.

In fact, it is all about fluid dynamics.

They say that if you put a cat in a box and also a bottle of poison, there is a random controller that controls whether the bottle of poison will be broken. But actually we've never found anything that's really completely random. Even the cosmic background radiation is stylized. Then let's assume for a moment that there is such a thing as an ideal random generator. This random generator randomly controls the death of the cat. Since the observer cannot see the state of the cat in the box, he or she does not know whether the cat is dead or alive. So in the quantum mechanical equations, the cat is simultaneously dead and alive, the cat is in a superposition of dead and alive states.

Oh, man, do you really think that when you can't figure out the state of the cat, the universe can't figure out the state of the cat?

You think the universe doesn't know the state of a cat when it's in a box? Do you then isolate the cat from the universe? Even if you isolate the box, what about the subsystems in the box? For example, the fleas on the cat, can't the fleas figure out the state of the cat either? The flea is also an observer, so how can its reference system be explained? And what about the microbes in the box? They will also say, look there is a cat! So who should decide whether the cat is dead or alive? A human? Fleas? Microbes? Subsystems, subsystems!

I mentioned this in the introduction to a previous post. And Susskind, a leading physicist in mainstream science, also mentioned this recently in his just-posted article, saying that we have a problem with subsystems.

Back then in Copenhagen, it was De Broglie who ran to Bohr and Einstein and explained that I could explain the double-slit interference experiment in terms of hydrodynamics. I didn't know this then, and I figured out the problem with this independently twenty years ago. The problem is that one of our basic assumptions about the motion of particles in space is that the particles are moving in a perfect vacuum, that is, the particles are isolated from everything else, but that's not actually the case.

What happens if the particle is actually part of a field? It's like a ship sailing on the sea leaving waves behind it, so it's particles and waves, but it's not a very esoteric concept, just because particles moving in a field make waves behind them. So when you have only one slit, only the particle passes by itself. When you have two slits, the wave that the particle makes will also pass through the second slit, and then we get the interference pattern.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

Of course, when you put the instrument in front of the slit and measure it, the measurement also produces a wave in this field, and the interference of this wave and the wave produced by the particles with each other produces a third result. It is as simple as that. Every thing is connected to everything else and influences to change everything.

The fleas on the cat and the microbes in the box are involved in the interaction of the field. You are also involved, and if you are confused, it doesn't mean that the rest of the universe is confused. It's like if a tree falls in the forest, the universe really doesn't care if you're not there to hear it, there are still birds and ants in the forest ...... that heard the tree fall.

Spiritual groups believe that the double slit interference experiment proves that the observer is important. The observer is important, but not for this reason. And this false image of physics makes people think that the physical world is somehow nonsensical, mysterious, and beyond all of our imagination. And in fact it's all just fluid mechanics. Of course there was a context for this misunderstanding. It was a time of war, when people were trying to find a way to break free, to break out of the confines of mechanics. They wanted to be crazy, to write crazy math, to be free. To get rid of all the previous mechanical causality, to become random and statistical, so as to gain some sense of freedom.

The audience asked what the correct understanding of the observer should be.

The correct understanding is that there is a field that is interacting with everything and coordinating all events. It means that there is an interaction of information between all systems, reference systems, and that is what makes reality what it is. The "observer" is not just a person, a cat, a flea, but the whole, everything. It's every atom observing the universe from its point of view, feeding information into the field and making the field what it is. Then you can begin to feel the connections, the associations and interactions that make up reality. In this way you are able to begin to write about physics in a completely different way.

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

So the starting point of quantum mechanics is correct, but the interpretation of the double-slit interference experiment runs off the rails. And this interpretation has been telling people since then not to try to imagine atoms in terms of classical mechanics, not to try to imagine atoms as something you can imagine. Particles can be here and not here, and so the uncertainty theorem emerges. The position of the electron can be here or on the other side of the universe, we don't know.

And that's true in a way, because when they try to write equations that describe the position of the electron, if they can figure out where the electron is, they don't know where the electron is going, the electron can be anywhere; if they figure out where the electron is going, they don't know where the electron is, the electron could be anywhere in the universe. This is the uncertainty principle.

This is correct. But what is problematic is the interpretation of this uncertainty principle. It is indeterminate not because quantum mechanics is esoteric and nebulous, without the roots of classical mechanics, is something you can't understand whole.

The real reason for uncertainty is that you are dealing with something that is interconnected with everything in the universe. So of course, when you're writing the equations that describe it, you're not going to find certainty. Because a proton or an electron can be here, but the information they contain can also be on the other side of the universe, because they are interconnected, everything is interconnected.

(Translation: Isolated system assumptions killed the cat! The fundamental difference between these two explanations lies in the premise that the mainstream wrong explanation is based on the assumption of isolated systems, while Nassim's explanation is based on the truth of reality: everything is connected! Once the starting point is wrong, the conclusion will be more and more wrong, and it will become more and more complicated and difficult to understand.)

Our mainstream scientists may be going in the wrong direction with their understanding of double-slit interference and Schrödinger's cat

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