12 Great Ways To Stay In Shape For Those Who Are Always In A Hurry

To get rid of that extra weight, all you have to do is give up certain habits and replace them with alternatives. We put together a few recommendations to help you look better in just 4 weeks. All of them require little effort but can really make a difference to the way you look and feel.

15 Things Girls Are Insecure About But Guys Love

Women are constantly thinking, “What does my boyfriend really think about my flaws?” Does my boyfriend/date notice my stretch marks? Are my thighs too fat? You might have a strange looking birthmark in a very unsuspecting place; what does he think of it? Thousands of women have insecurities about their body.

The Triple Threat Everyone Should Try In The Bedroom

This is what you call a triple threat: 1) it's a multi-functional piece of furniture; 2) it's a clever means of storage; and 3) it can divide a room. These multi-functional headboard walls still keep air and light circulated, without closing off space entirely. They can also save a lot of space.