10 Secrets Hidden Inside Famous Logos

Apple - Rob Janoff is the man behind the design of this logo. According to him, the bite which is shown in the logo serves a practical purpose. Actually, the size of the bite shows that the shape was an apple, not a cherry.

Best Disconnected Undercut Hairstyles For Men

Not a decade goes by without an iconic hairstyle shaving its name into the back-and-sides of history. We had Elvis Presley’s legendary rock’n’roll pompadour of the fifties; those long, textured, hippy locks of the seventies.

12 Unique Shelves That Are Totally Easy To DIY

DIY crafting is one thing, but wall installations are an entirely different level of OMG, not happening. Don't stress about handling a drill or hammer, because these DIY wall shelves are so easy, anyone can tackle them.

How To Remove A Popcorn Ceiling In Six Steps

Popcorn may be great at a movie theater matinee, but popcorn ceilings in a home you're trying to sell (or trying to buy) is another story entirely. What are popcorn ceilings? In a word, a popcorn ceiling, also known as an acoustic ceiling, is a spray- or paint-generated treatment found in older residential homes.

10 Things That Actually Hurt A Car's Resale Value And 10 That Don't

Perhaps one of the most expensive things about owning a new car is selling it. The moment that shiny new automobile rolls off the lot, it begins to lose money. The premium you pay to be the first owner, to get to pick the exact car you want the way you want it, can get pretty high.