8 Cars Men Are Embarrassed To Drive

Ever looked at a car and wondered which insane designer drew it up? Worse, have you ever seen a man step out of that ugly car looking all jazzed up as if he is driving a supped up Ferrari? I have had those feelings countless times.

Latest Cute Bob Haircuts You Must Try

So haircuts are surely one way of relieving stress and feeling like you got a big load of pressure off your shoulders – and it has been scientifically proven that we literally feel refreshed and energized after a cool satisfying cut.

This Tiny Adorable Kitten Stole A Grown Man’s Heart In An Incredible Way!

What do you do when a kitten stops you on the road and asks you to give her a new home? Well, this is the story of stray cat that enchanted the reddit user- WollstoneLovecraft into taking her home. This tortie kitten was hanging around a parking lot in the middle of an industrial area, when her destined human found her.

This Marijuana Stock Could Soon Be The Fourth-Largest Producer In Canada

In case you haven't noticed, things are about to get really exciting with our neighbor to the north. Canada has done it. Both the Senate and House of Commons have passed the Cannabis Act (officially bill C-45), and, having moved to royal assent, a legalization date of Oct. 17, 2018, has been set. Very soon, recreational marijuana will be completely legal in Canada.

10 Insanely Massive Machines That Make The Ground Tremble

Unknown to many, human beings have already built insanely massive machines and they roam around the earth to make a lot of heavy-duty tasks easier for us. Some of these gigantic machines are fixed firmly on the ground, but what’s astounding is that some of these monster machines can be driven and moved.

14 Crazy Car Mods

With automotive technology moving at such a rapid pace, it can be natural to wonder what the cars of the future may look like. However, for those who just can’t wait to see some crazy works of automotive art, the cars of the past can be just as helpful...