15 Most Disgusting Car Mods Ever Made

There is always this basic desire among humans to stand out in a crowd and their cars are no exception to this. Car modification is not a new thing, in fact, it has been around for decades. This do-it-yourself tradition is tied into the essence of classic automotive passion.

6 Craigslist Scams Or Ripoffs To Avoid

Tough times calls for drastic measures on both the end of the buyer and the seller. And apart from fishing for the best deals, people actually use Craigslist to post job ads, apply for jobs, look for apartments, sell used goods, and the list goes on.

10 Most Destructive Tsunamis In History

A tsunami is a high sea wave that is usually caused by an underwater earthquake or disturbance, such as a volcanic eruption. Its height can reach tens of meters and can completely destroy and erase towns and villages of existence. It is one of the most destructive natural disasters and its impact can be devastating.

Simple Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

As we are getting older, we review our style in clothes and hair ‘dos which is quite normal, since looking the same for decades is rather boring, dated and unstylish. A woman doesn’t stop being a woman with age. Changing looks and experimenting with styles is in her nature.

15 Most Beautiful Castles In Europe

The Palace of Pena, Sintra (Lisbon) - Portugal: Located in the Sintra hills, the Park and Palace of Pena are the fruit of King Ferdinand II’s creative genius and the greatest expression of 19th-century romanticism in Portugal, denoting clear influences from the Manueline and Moorish styles of architecture.

Most Dizzying Rides Around The World

Real enthusiasts of the thrill of parachute jumping are hardly likely to be surprised. They are ready to travel even to the other end of the world to tickle their nerves. Following let's take a look at the most dizzying rides of the world, from one kind of which adrenaline is already jumping!