Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

The days are finally getting longer (although, hour of sleep, we miss thee!), the temperature is rising, and we've even spotted some cherry blossoms and daffodils in the wild. Yes, after a long, cold, gray winter, we're finally on the verge of spring. And with the change of seasons, we're also feeling like shaking up our home decor.

Of course, one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to spice up a stale decor scheme is with a fresh coat of paint. But don’t run out and grab the first color that catches your eye! You'll want to be on trend with whichever paint you pick.

Luckily, the folks at home improvement site Fixr have done the hard work of surveying 200 design experts across the country about 2020's biggest emerging paint trends. We’ve rounded up those results—and consulted with a few experts of our own—to bring you this definitive list of the hottest colors of the year for every room in your home (along with how you can get the look).

If you’re ready to transform your home just in time for spring—and for any early-bird buyers who might be popping in—dive in to this room-by-room color guide.

Hottest bedroom color: Taupe

Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

The most popular paint color for bedrooms this year might just surprise you.

“Taupe is the hottest color for bedrooms in 2020,” says Lauren Noel of Love Remodeled. “It’s reminiscent of the warm greiges that were so popular in recent years, but also has slightly purple undertones."

Get the look: Noel recommends Sherwin-Williams' Truly Taupe.

"This lighter taupe will impart a welcoming feeling while maintaining visual interest,” she says.

Bedroom runner-up: Lilac

Taupe isn’t the only unexpected warm hue making a splash in the bedroom this year; lilac was a close second, according to the survey.

“Both of these color families provide a dash of pink to a space without reading as pink,” says Noelle Lake of Paintgoals Interior Color. “So they’re riding the coattails of the huge Millennial Pink trend that burst onto the scene years back and going in a little different direction.

"I love playing with various violets in contemporary homes, because, done right, they’re clean and modern like gray but more daring and decisive," Lake adds.

Get the look: Lake recommends an earthy playful violet (e.g., Farrow and Ball Brassica) for a master bedroom.

Hottest living room color: Warm white

Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

All that white that’s been having a heyday in your kitchen is moving next door in 2020—into your living room.

“The stark, modern look that white paint imparts is perfect for a living room, and allows furniture and accents to stand out while giving a clean look," Noel says.

Get the look: Benjamin Moore's White Dove has been a top-selling white paint for over 10 years, Noel says, and would be a great choice for a warm-white living room.

Living room runner-up: Warm gray

If you're not into the all-white trend, this year's runner-up might just give you the smidge of warmth and complexity you're looking for.

“While cool grays were popular for many years, warm grays are currently the top choice among designers and homeowners due to their versatility,” Noel says.

Get the look: “Greige paint colors, such as Sherwin Williams' Agreeable Gray or Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter, go with most interior design styles, can be paired with any type of woodwork, and coordinate with almost all accent colors,” Noel says.

Hottest kitchen color: Gray-black

Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

Designers are getting funky in the kitchen this year with deep, sumptuous hues like gray-black.

“What’s happening in kitchens is maybe the most interesting thing going on right now,” Lake says. “It used to be that kitchens were all about being clean, clinical, sleek, and hyperfunctional. Now functionality is taking a back seat to a soft, sensual, strong human-centric romance that’s emerging."

Get the look: Foster some intimacy in the heart of your home with a darker romantic color like Benjamin Moore’s Nightfall.

Kitchen runner-up: Purple-gray

Looking for a kitchen color that brings the romance with slightly less drama? Then you’ll probably love our 2020 runner-up.

“Continuing with the trend toward warmer colors in 2020, a gray with purple undertones is a great choice for a kitchen for the homeowner who wants a little bit of color,” Noel says.

Get the look: Try Sherwin-Williams' Fashionable Gray for a lighter look with just a hint of purple.

Hottest bathroom color: Earthy gray

Paint a Path Into Spring: These Are the Hottest Colors for Your Home Right Now

Are you sensing a theme here? Drama isn’t just for the kitchen this season, with more and more top designers using the bathroom to make bold paint choices.

“I like to help clients embrace dark paint colors,” Lake says. “In a bathroom you can justify being a little bit daring"—and a deep, earthy gray does that beautifully.

Get the look: "I like Benjamin Moore’s Silhouette," Lake says. "There’s a flower shop in Brooklyn painted Silhouette, and you would not believe how stunning every single plant and flower is against it."

Pick up a can of this color, and stock up on flowers to make the bold, dramatic statement you didn't know you needed.

Bathroom runner-up: Pale pink

If you’re not feeling dark and daring, consider incorporating this year’s runner-up in trendy favorites: pale pink.

“Pastels are back in for 2020,” Noel says. “A light or blush pink in a bathroom gives off a sense of romance and tranquility, and because bathrooms are smaller spaces, they’re perfect to try out a trendy color.”

Get the look: Try Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year, First Light.