Pictures That Will Make You Speechless

Photographs are like silent witnesses. They give us a glimpse into a moment that normally would have faded away far too fast. But the story behind many of these pictures is so powerful and heart-wrenching that they leave me speechless!

1. The son of an alcoholic tries desperately to lift his drunken father to his feet.

2. Shortly before the war’s end Jewish prisoners being transported to a concentration camp were freed from their death train.


3. A Russian war veteran at the Victory Day parade in Moscow.

For years he met his brothers in arms here. But in 2011 he was the last survivor.

Are you also feeling that our normal daily problems, like a missed train or a scratch on your cell phone, quite suddenly seem so minor and infinitesimally small? It is so important to sometimes put things into perspective. Share these touching pictures that will provoke a meaningful reaction in everyone!