Pizza Slices Encased In Resin Are For Looking, Not Eating

Pizza Slices Encased In Resin Are For Looking, Not Eating

This pizza will never go out of style. Steph Mantis

Forever Pizza is the Han-Solo-in-carbonite of the food world. It's a slice of real pizza permanently cocooned in a see-through acrylic brick. It will never get moldy and it will never know what it's like to be eaten. It's pizza for all eternity.

The artistic endeavor comes from pizza-obsessed Brooklyn artist Steph Mantis, who first encased pizza slices in resin for an art show years ago. "I never thought I'd end up making it again, in any capacity," she writes.

But she did anyway and you can pick up a slice of pepperoni or plain for $200 (£156, AU$274).

The pizza itself comes from Mantis's family's pizzeria, Pizza By Alex in Maine, which specializes in personal-sized, Greek-style pies. The artist's father cooked the pizzas used in the art project.

"When you embed organic matter in a plastic, it often reacts in unpredictable ways," Mantis writes. She let a Forever Pizza prototype encased in acrylic sit around for two years to make sure the slice wouldn't interact with its transparent tomb and change in some way. It remained stable.

You will notice the pizza slices look extra-done. That's because the acrylic darkens the cheese and toppings as it cures. Mantis experimented with ways to make the slices look more appetizing, but decided to leave them as they were.

Mantis's work stands as a testament to humanity's obsession with pizza while challenging the ephemeral nature of the popular food. It's just too bad you can't get a slice of Forever Pizza with pineapple.


More About Pizza

Pizza parka

At heart, pizzas are pretty basic creations made from dough, sauce and toppings. But the humble pie has also been a springboard for oddball innovations and publicity stunts involving strange new designs, delivery methods and boxes.

Pizza Hut is proud of its heat-containing pizza delivery bags designed to keep your pie warm from the restaurant to your home. In a wonderfully weird publicity stunt from late 2017, the chain created a wearable jacket made from the same material.

The Pizza Hut Parka uses three different kinds of insulating material, has a built-in napkin and specialized pockets for holding Parmesan cheese and pepper-flake packets.

What's a Chizza?

Never one to shy away from bizarre food creations, international chicken chain KFC both intrigued and grossed out the world with the introduction of the Chizza in late 2016.

A Chizza uses a roundish chunk of fried chicken in place of a traditional crust. The toppings consist of tomato sauce, cheese, pineapple, "chicken ham" and then a weird cheese sauce.

"Each bite of the Chizza showed me regret does indeed have a taste," CNET's Rahil Bhagat said. The Chizza was available in Singapore for a limited time.

Pizza Hut Pie Top shoes

These aren't normal sneakers. Pizza Hut created the unusual Bluetooth-enabled shoes to let people order a pizza by pushing a built-in button on the tongue. They're like Marty McFly's "Back to the Future" high tops, expect you get a pizza and they don't lace themselves. And, yes, they're called "Pie Tops."

The Pie Tops came out in early 2017, and only 64 pairs were made.

Pizzas in space

The astronauts on board the International Space Station enjoy a good pizza party just as much as people on Earth. NASA sent up all the supplies for DIY space pizzas in late 2017.

The ISS residents took full advantage of the prepackaged crusts, squeeze bottle of pizza sauce, spreadable cheese wedges, olives and pepperoni. NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik dubbed the crew the "Intergalactic Pizza Devouring Squad."

Pizza in 3D

Natural Machines is a different kind of 3D-printing company that specializes in food. This photo collage shows the different stages of a 3D-printed pizza process as demonstrated by Natural Machines in 2013. While the spiral dough doesn't look much like a regular pizza, the end result certainly seems appetizing. Are you hungry yet?

Pizza box made from pizza

Pizza boxes haven't seen many innovations over the years. Most are just clamshells made from cardboard. Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn decided that wasn't good enough and created this "Inception"-level pizza box...from actual pizza.

You can eat the pizza. You can eat the box. It's simply brilliant.

Pizza delivery by "reindeer"

In late 2016, Domino's Japan proposed an absurd idea: pizza delivery by reindeer. It even went so far as to experiment with delivery concepts using actual reindeer and reindeer trainers.

But ultimately, Domino's went with a group of scooters dressed up to look like reindeer instead. They're not nearly as temperamental.

Reindeer pizza delivery concept art

We know Domino's Japan never actually went through with its idea to deliver pizza using real reindeer, but we can still enjoy this amusing concept art that shows what the publicity stunt might have looked like. It's certainly cuter than a car.

Self-driving pizza delivery

Since Domino's dream of reindeer pizza delivery didn't pan out, the company had to look for a higher-tech way of transporting pies. So the restaurant chain teamed up with Ford for a test run of delivery by way of self-driving cars.

Domino's and Ford experimented with the concept in a very limited delivery area in Michigan in mid-2017. Pizza recipients had to walk outside and enter a special code in order to access their meals.

Car with a pizza warmer

Most pizza-delivery vehicles are just somebody's car. This 2015 Chevrolet Spark is a custom-fitted pizza delivery car created for Domino's. The Spark has its own pizza-warming oven. It also has custom storage built into the interior to hold everything from soda bottles to dipping sauces. Dubbed the DXP, this sporty little creature can hold up to 80 pizzas.

Pizza by drone

Let's get past this whole idea that pizzas need to be delivered by way of ground transportation. This Domino's Robotic Unit, or DRU, delivered a pair of pizzas to a customer in New Zealand in 2016, showing that pizza pies can indeed fly to their destinations.

DJ with a pizza box

Pizza Hut UK thought pizza boxes were't getting enough love, so in 2016, it created a limited-edition box that doubles as a working digital turntable. The chain called it the "world's first playable DJ pizza box." Conductive ink helps make the box responsive to touch. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth and an internal battery.

Pizza robot

Companies are finding creative ways to remove humans from the pizza-delivery chain. This prototype autonomous Domino's Robotic Unit from 2016 features a heated chamber for pizza and a cooled chamber for drinks.

The DRU isn't likely to go into widespread service anytime soon, but it does give a glimpse at what a more robotized future might look like.

Ninja turtles pizza launcher

No cartoon characters are more connected with pizza than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Pizza Hut teamed up with the fictional mutants to build a full-size pizza-throwing vehicle to show off at the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2014.

The pizza thrower is based off a pickup truck and features a rotating turret, though it turns out that pizzas don't make for very good projectiles.

Pizza vending machine

You can get candy bars, soda and chips from a vending machine, but it's a bit more ambitious when you get to something as complex as a fresh pizza. This Pizza Gio machine debuted in Australia in 2014. It bakes pizzas on demand.

The pizzas inside are partially pre-cooked so it doesn't take too long to finish the process and deliver them to hungry people.