Plant That Helps Clean Cigarette Smoke

If you have smokers in your house, you need only a few plants that will purify your home from harmful substances that you inhale. Some room plants absorb harmful radiation, which broadcasts TV screens and computer monitors, while other plants eliminate harmful chemical ingredients from paints, varnishes, solvents and cleaning agents.


In the first place is a ficus. Ficus requires light but does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. In summer bathe his leaves in lukewarm water. Ficus cleans dust, fungi and bacteria, and neutralizes tobacco smoke, reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and trielin (a chemical placed in adhesives, paints and varnishes).

Plant That Helps Clean Cigarette Smoke

If you smell the scents of cleaning agents, varnishes, thinners, sprays and deodorants, then the right choice for your home is made. This tropical plant originates from Madagascar and it is extremely well filtered by many toxins, including formaldehyde (a gas often used to produce plastic masses and disinfectants). Draceni answers the light, but not the direct sun. Do not hold it on the move, because it will quickly disappear without the majority of leaves.


Cactus are easy to grow, do not look for light or special care. They are excellent in the fight against electromagnetic radiation.

Plant That Helps Clean Cigarette Smoke


Aloe does not like direct sunlight and absorbs electromagnetic radiation from televisions, monitors, microwaves and mobile phones.

Plant That Helps Clean Cigarette Smoke

Common Ivy

Hedera helix (common ivy) cleans the air of tobacco smoke, and it is believed that this plant brings happiness. This plant generally grows around the house, but it can also be roomy, only if you keep it away from children and pets, because of its poisonous leaves.

Plant That Helps Clean Cigarette Smoke


Enjoy a healthy living environment and decorate the home with useful indoor plants. At nine square feet of space we should have at least one such plant.