Poignant Reason Mum Has Seen 'Hearts' Every Day For The Last Five Years

Poignant Reason Mum Has Seen 'Hearts' Every Day For The Last Five Years
Emma has photographed a heart shape she noticed in the clouds (Image: Emma Roberts)

A mum says she has seen hearts every day for the last five years and has revealed the touching reason why.

Emma Roberts sadly lost her first daughter who was premature, and to make it through the dark moments she tried to notice something beautiful each day.

The mother from Formby, Merseyside, began to notice heart shapes in every day objects and would take a picture of each one.

Emma, 42, started an Instagram account to document the hearts a year ago, and has posted 329 times so far, the Liverpool Echo reports.

She says her husband and two other children also notice the heart shapes, which she refers to as "angel kisses".

Emma says her husband and kids sometimes notice heart shapes in objects as well (Image: Emma Roberts)

And the stay-at-home mum believes there is a very moving explanation as to why she sees hearts daily.

Emma, who formerly worked as a 1-2-1 teaching assistant, said: "When I was pregnant with my first daughter, she came too soon and didn't survive and we lost her.

"It was a very difficult, dark and sad time and I think that it's difficult to get through the day when you have had such a huge loss.

"At that time, I didn't know how I would get through the day so I tried to make an effort to notice something beautiful each day.

"Like the light coming through the window, or when my son wanted to see how fast he could ride his bike so I drove next to him in my car so I could measure the speed."

Poignant Reason Mum Has Seen 'Hearts' Every Day For The Last Five Years
A heart shape in a satsuma (Image: Emma Roberts)

Emma's daughter, who she lost after going into labour at just 21 weeks, was called Betsy and she sadly passed away on December 12, 2012.

Since then, Emma claims started to notice the heart shapes each day.

Prior to losing Betsy, the mum to 13-year-old Harrison and four-year-old Dorothy, had numerous miscarriages and describes her children as "miracles."

Poignant Reason Mum Has Seen 'Hearts' Every Day For The Last Five Years
The mum says she notices hearts every day (Image: Emma Roberts)

Emma claims that her husband of 19 years, Tim, and her children have also seen heart shapes in unusual objects.

She said: "The hearts came to me, I didn't go out of my way to look for them.

"The children have even seen them.

"The most random place I saw one was on a leaf which was hanging off a tree in Lake Windermere."

Poignant Reason Mum Has Seen 'Hearts' Every Day For The Last Five Years
She takes photos of the hearts she spots and shares them on her Instagram account (Image: Emma Roberts)

The 42-year-old claims she often finds the hearts after getting a "strong feeling."

She explained: "Sometimes I get a strong feeling, like someone is trying to tell me something.

"I was at a spiritual event last year and something kept telling me to look down, and I did, but I couldn't see anything.

"Eventually, I asked my son to move and I saw it. A piece of bark in the shape of a heart."

As an outlet for her heart shaped findings, Emma launched an Instagram last year and says that she has received support from followers.

She added: "For me, I don't do it for the likes. I do it because it gives me comfort."

Keep updated with Emma's posts on Instagram at @share_the_lovelove, or by following the hastag #sharethelovelove or #queenofhearts.