Popeyes is now offering their own Family Meal Bundles

Popeyes is now offering their own Family Meal Bundles

Have you been taking advantage of the different family meal deals restaurants are offering? Are you a fan of Popeyes? Then you’ll love their latest offer.

With so many restaurants looking for ways to not only stay open, but also support their local communities, it makes sense that they would offer meal deals and bundles. And one of the things we are loving right now is the family meal deals that places like Popeyes are currently offering.

As Chew Boom reported, Popeyes has added new menu options for customers that will feed up to 5 people in a family. There are actually three different family meal deals to choose from, with each meal catering to the number of people you expect to be feeding.

The three person family meal deal is $35 and comes with three chicken sandwiches, eight pieces of Popeyes Signature Chicken, four biscuits, one of their large sides, and three apple pies. Then there is a four person meal which costs $20 and is actually a Sandwich Family Meal. The sandwich meal comes with one large side, four Chicken Sandwiches, and four biscuits. Finally there is a five person family meal deal. This meal costs $60 and features five chicken sandwiches, 12 pieces of Popeyes Signature Chicken, six biscuits, two large sides, and five apple pies.

You can also customize your family meal bundles, which is certainly something we love, by choosing either the classic chicken or the spicy chicken. And of course, you can also choose the large side that you will be getting with your meal deal.

These family meal deals can be found nationwide at participating locations, and depending on where you are, the price may vary accordingly.

However, if you are a fan of Popeyes, this seems like the perfect time to snag a meal deal and enjoy a tasty chicken dinner with the family. And of course, if you still haven’t tried their famous chicken sandwich, now is the perfect time to snag one of these meal deals so you and the whole family can give them a taste.

What do you think of these three family meal bundles from Popeyes? Are you going to pick one of these up for your family? Tell us what you think in the comments.