Professor Chang and Gao's father's mission.

The vast majority of people who make statements that supposedly question the U.S. moon landing and question Western history and science are simply rubbing off on this topic.

Speaking online in this way is like posting an article praising or criticizing Guo Degang, deliberately drawing criticism or support from Guo Degang's opponents or supporters.

Professor Chang and Gao's father's mission.

The truly great scientists never questioned the U.S. moon landing, and never posted articles questioning the history of Western civilization.

Therefore, when the so-called chief, who claimed to be one of the three academicians, came out to question the U.S. moon landing and Wen Tiejun's academic research, my first reaction was that this brother's research was too broad, from manned moon landings to new rural construction, he knew it all. Then I thought about it carefully, and instantly realized that he is not a nonsense to rub the flow of things? No wonder Wen Tiejun didn't pay any attention to him.

As a real scholar, Wen Tiejun really should not take him, the problem now is that this goods playing the banner of the chief professor, deceive a bunch of little culture without cognitive ability of the retired elderly and the bottom workers, and even will bring a bunch of last-class university scum.

Professor Chang and Gao's father's mission.

So what do we need to do to form healthy perceptions among this bandwagoned population?

Doing things must have trade-offs, that group of retired elderly people just give up, the reason they will follow Zhang "Professor", is only Zhang "Professor" that set of cultural revolutionary arguments can help them find the feeling of youth, waving the Red Book to defeat everything, in the heart of this group of retired elderly people, really with the late Qing dynasty Boxer Rebellion those regimented people mouth shouting "swords and guns do not enter" as painful.

Therefore, the school must be educated in the end of the university in the gang of scum, so that they can distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, and good and evil. Help these kids understand the difference in cognitive focus between Eastern and Western cultures because of the difference in national character. Help the children to understand the influence of religion on the nation and humanity, and help them to treat religion correctly.

Professor Chang and Gao's father's mission.

Whether or not we can correctly view the role of the Western world in advancing human civilization is a matter of whether or not our entire nation will regress to the same state of insanity in thinking, morality, and spiritual civilization that we experienced more than forty years ago.

What Professor Zhang and Jia Ao's father want to do is to make China regress back to that state of madness through a series of public opinion jumps, pressing the pause button or even the regression button on all fronts, a task given to them by their Western masters.

I object to people calling Prof. Zhang inhuman, and I object to people calling Gao's father a pinhead, but I strongly support all articles that expose their identity as undercover agents in the U.S. Congress.