PS4 Firmware Update 7.02 is Already Live, Just a Week After the Last Update

PS4 Firmware Update 7.02 is Already Live, Just a Week After the Last Update

Eight days ago, Sony launched PS4 Firmware Update 7.01, an incremental update that simply improved upon system performance. Now another update for the console’s system software has gone live, Firmware Update 7.02. Its notes merely state, “this system software update improves system performance.” As always, though it seems inconsequential, the update is mandatory for use of the PS4’s network features. The update should only take a few minutes to download and install, given its small file size of 469.7MB.

The speed at which this new update has launched seems most surprising. Again, 7.01 went live only last week. Before then, Sony rolled out System Software Update 7.00 back in early October of this year. For whatever reason, the company must have felt something was in need of immediate attention.

System Software Update 7.00 provided the most recent major changes to the platform. It brought in quite a few new features, headlined by additional Remote Play and Party Chat options. With regards to the former, Android devices running on at least Version 5.0 finally received PS4’s Remote Play feature. Remote Play adjustments were also put in place for a range of iOS devices. In addition, the PS4’s 7.00 update greatly expanded Party Chat, increasing the number of members in one chat from eight to 16. Finally, the system update saw Sony debut chat transcription, allowing PS4 Second Screen to convert voice chatter into text.

At present, it remains to be seen when the next Firmware Update will launch. Clearly, Sony is full of surprises in this regard. Who knows, maybe 7.03 will land before this year’s end?