Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

It may be a bit arbitrary to say so, but it is no longer possible to solve the problem without saying so, and if we continue to choose to ignore it, we are letting this way of perception of modern science continue to slide into subjectivism and the "supernatural" path. With the awarding of the Nobel Prize to the three scientists who used a "supernatural" attitude to explain "quantum entanglement," the risk of this way of cognition going downhill in the mainstream of human science is growing.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

The basic reason: even in the quantum world, there are still many possibilities to prove the validity of Bell's inequality, and the three winners did not prove that there is no direct causal relationship between "quantum entanglement", but only the existence of the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which was then confirmed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

This is equivalent to the police found a case feels very "ghostly", and the judge after analysis actually recognized the "ghost" phenomenon, so the case was declared solved! This is the essence of the Nobel Prize, does not sound a little ridiculous ah?

Based on this situation, it is urgent to explain "quantum entanglement" in a naturalistic way, and it must be given top priority, otherwise, the human cognitive way and the gradually declining modern scientific system will go completely to the evil way.

I. The physical reality behind the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement

"Quantum entanglement" is by no means a "ghost" phenomenon, there must be an objective real "black hand" behind this phenomenon. But obviously, in the modern scientific system is not found, to find this "black hand" must take more advanced than the modern scientific system more cutting-edge cognitive system and knowledge form. Throughout the world, at present can do this, only Wang Jianghuo built a new civilization pioneer theory system, is also the only complete unified theory of mankind so far - unified information theory can do. Others are either unexplainable or can only be recognized as supernatural "ghosts", without exception.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

Unified information theory holds that since quanta are the smallest indivisible units, there can be only two kinds of quanta according to the various manifestations of existence in the universe. One is the limiting particle as the smallest material unitary of the universe; the other is the energon (photon) as the most fundamental immaterial unit of existence.

Based on the analysis of various facts and the unified information theory, we can conclude the general root cause and the general law that causes the creation and the development of movement and change of everything in the universe, which is the "Twin Law".

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

"The universe has only two objective existences, the limiting particle and the energon, which create the thousands of worlds of the universe. Limiting particles are the smallest unit of matter in the universe and can be divided into positive and negative limiting particles. The homogeneous limiting particles form homogeneous limiting particles and the corresponding space by collecting the same property quanta, which causes the expansion of space and the diffusion movement of the surrounding matter; the heterogeneous limiting particles form the corresponding space by decomposing the limiting particles and dissolving the energy quanta, which causes the depression of space and the contraction movement of the surrounding matter. The properties of the collection of limit particles and the decomposition of limit particles are proportional to their own masses and inversely proportional to the distance between each other."

This law is the law of mutual transformation of limit particles and energeticons, which shows that the universe is formed by the mutual transformation of limit particles and energeticons, so we can also call this law "the law of baryons" or "the law of baryon creation of the universe" (see figure). The twin law is the most fundamental root of the creation and development of the universe and the general law of the universe, which can be called the highest absolute law of the universe.

Based on the Twin Law, the Unified Information Theory thoroughly deconstructs the edifice of the modern scientific system built on the basis of the four major forces and the Standard Model, and clearly and unambiguously explains the ultimate causes of the four fundamental force phenomena. Compared with modern scientific theories, the basic laws of the Unified Information Theory can explain almost all known and unknown phenomena of the universe in a more reasonable and clear manner, which can appropriately explain the mass-energy equation, the theory of flat space-time of the universe, the space-time illusion of the four forces, the principle of invariance of the speed of light, the phenomenon of expansion of the universe, the essence of life and spirit, and so on.

According to the definition of quantum theory, the "twins" of the "twin law" - the energon and the limiting particle - are the real quanta, because they are the only ones that meet the definition of "indivisible smallest individual (or unitary)". The definition of quantum is "the smallest indivisible individual (or unitary)". The energon is an indivisible unit of non-physical matter, and the limiting particle is the indivisible smallest unit of solid matter. Therefore, there are only 2 kinds of quanta in the universe: energon and limit particle, and they are interconvertible, based on which the four forces and the phenomenon of continuous expansion of the universe are formed.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

According to the baryonic law discovered by the Unified Information Theory, the entire universe is made up of a superposition of limiting particles at a distance of 0. There is no "vacuum" between matter without matter (matter made up of less massive limiting particles is mistaken for a "vacuum"), and space is in fact a special material entity.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

In this way, all the matter of the universe will be linked as a whole, which results in a necessary consequence: the formation, movement or being disintegrated and disappearing of any limit particle will cause the linkage of distant limit particles, or even the linkage of the whole universe, and since there is no interval and zero distance between limit particles, this linkage will take no time at all, just as if one were to move one part of a stone, it would make the stone move as a whole at the same time.

This means that no matter how far apart two limiting particles are in the universe, changes in one limiting particle will necessarily affect the other limiting particle instantly due to their zero distance and wholeness. Based on this, if human can precisely determine the change of the limiting particle, it is even possible to achieve instant communication and instant displacement. However, since the limiting particle is the smallest unit of matter in the universe, which is about 60 orders of magnitude smaller than the fundamental microscopic particles such as proton and neutron, such a small moving distance is impossible to be perceived by human beings, and cannot be directly observed by any human observation means, but its influence on the microscopic world and the limiting world is enough to make two limiting particles form the so-called " entanglement", resulting in instantaneous "quantum entanglement".

Theoretically, the effect of "quantum entanglement" is different for different physical quantities of limiting particles, and it is difficult to form obvious "entanglement" between smaller mass limiting particles, while the "entanglement" effect is more obvious when large mass limiting particles are subjected to external force or decomposed into energetic particles. The "entanglement" effect is more obvious when the large-mass-limited particles are subjected to external forces or when the large-mass-limited particles are broken into energetic particles. For example, the so-called "gravitational wave" in the scientific community is not a "gravitational wave" at all, but a linkage phenomenon of cosmic limiting particles caused by the decomposition or movement of massive limiting particles.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

In this way, the physical real factors or so-called hidden variables hidden behind quantum entanglement are found, which are the "limiting particles that constitute the smallest and most fundamental unit of matter in the universe" and the "zero distance contact between limiting particles". Why can the limiting particles have zero contact? First, because the limiting particles are standard squares, which enable them to achieve zero distance contact in all aspects; second, because the unified information theory completely rejects the vacuum, and believes that all objects and regions of the universe are composed of one limiting particle entity, and there is no such thing as energy or the so-called "field" that modern science considers as the vacuum. There is no vacuum, space and material entities that modern science considers as only energy or the so-called "field", and solid matter is space, only that some matter has low mass density and is mistaken for vacuum.

It can be seen that the so-called "quantum entanglement" is just an ordinary natural phenomenon of interaction between quanta, and "quantum entanglement" is not a speed and time concept at all, but an ordinary physical phenomenon, which does not violate the speed of light threshold principle. This phenomenon is recognized and applied will have a broad prospect, and can even realize the universe at any distance of instant flight. In "The Second Great Change of the Universe" published by Wang Jianghuo on, there are celestial beings using a figurative projection technology that can instantly fly to the sky, enabling them to instantly cross tens of billions of light years and be able to instantly reach any location in the universe.

However, due to the limitations of traditional theories such as the four forces and the standard model, modern scientific theorists are unable to recognize the fundamental properties of the limiting particles and the new view of matter, such as the absence of any "vacuum" and zero contact between matter, which makes them unable to reasonably explain the cause of the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement". They can only use the so-called "entangled state" or "superposition state" and other subjective concepts to explain the cause of the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement", and some of them also fabricate this phenomenon into several times or tens of times Some of them have made this phenomenon into a superluminal phenomenon of several or tens of times. On the contrary, the interpretation of the phenomenon by the Unified Information Theory is very simple and clear: the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement" is still an objective physical phenomenon, which originates from the interaction of limiting particles.

The above theory of Unified Information Theory proves the logical fact (or thought experiment) that quantum entanglement is in fact an instantaneous physical displacement phenomenon. The phenomenon of "quantum entanglement" allows for instantaneous interaction over even the farthest distances in the universe, but it does not involve time or speed, nor does it violate the speed-of-light threshold principle.

In fact, the universe is a purely logical mechanism based on the laws of nature, and even in the quantum world does not inherently allow "ghostly" quantum phenomena to occur. It is entirely possible that the apparent randomness of quantum effects can be justified by some variables (local hidden variables) that we do not know yet, and if those additional variables are taken into account, the whole system should be deterministic and predictable, conforming to strict causality.

Quantum entanglement, quantum invisible transfer and quantum tunneling effect are actually the same phenomenon, which can be explained clearly by the unified information theory. The flaw of the three Nobel laureates and Pan Jianwei is that they cannot explain this phenomenon, and now all scientists are unable to explain this phenomenon with modern scientific knowledge. This is enough to show that the reason why physicists cannot find the causal basis behind this phenomenon in the quantum world is because the cognitive level of modern science is underdeveloped and has blinded the eyes of scientists.

Some people may feel that the unified information theory explanation, although there is some truth to it, but also feel that this explanation is too simple, but feel unreasonable. But as we know, there is a law of simplicity in science called Occam's razor law. Einstein also said: "What is physically true must be logically simple". The ancient Chinese also had the saying "The Great Way is as simple as it gets". The simplicity of unified information theory and its limiting particle theory are in line with all the characteristics of the real physical world.

Second, has the existence of limiting particles been proved?

It can be said that if the limiting particle really exists, then the unified information theory is the best and most complete, reasonable and objective explanation for the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement", and this explanation is even unfalsifiable. The question is only whether the limiting particle really exists? Theoretically, there is obviously no problem, the key is the experiment and the discovery.

Unified information theory believes that some experiments of modern science have actually discovered limit particles, just because scientists' cognition has not yet reached the highest deep level of cognition of the limit world, and cannot confirm the limit basis of these particles, but just call some indivisible particles as elementary particles. So, scientists have already had the discovery of those limit particles?

Humans have so far discovered more than 400 microscopic particles, 61 of which are elementary, and assumed that these elementary particles are the most fundamental ones. However, there are many people who do not think so, they think there should be more fundamental particles, it is said that as early as 1974, two physicists Jojesh Patti and Abdul Salam had proposed the concept of "preons", saying that it is the next level of particles of quarks, but unfortunately they just think about it. But unfortunately, they only thought about it. Nowadays, the Unified Information Theory has solved this problem completely and established a far more fundamental system of knowledge than the modern system of physics, which has discovered the smallest unit of the universe, the absolute fundamental particle of the universe (limiting particle).

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

According to the Unified Information Theory, the limiting particle is the smallest unitary of matter, which is an absolute standard square composed of Planck scale 1.61624×10^-35m, and is a collection of 8 energeticons (photons) with the same frequency. The limiting particle is the most fundamental and indivisible smallest unit of matter than all 400 kinds of particles and 61 kinds of elementary particles discovered by mankind so far. As far as the material entity is concerned, the limiting particle is indivisible, or if it is divided again, it will become an immaterial energetic.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

If the limit particles are infinitely diverse, the elementary particles based on the limit particles should also be infinitely diverse, but mankind has only discovered 61 kinds of elementary particles so far, which shows that the current level of human knowledge is still extremely low. So, is it possible for mankind to discover the limit particle, or is there any limit particle among the 61 kinds of elementary particles discovered by mankind?

Extreme particles do not belong to the usual physical category, and theoretically, with the current level of human cognition, it is extremely difficult to directly discover extreme particles in the laboratory, nor can they be observed through current observation means. What we can do is to analyze and judge the limit particles according to their characteristics and some preliminary conditions, combined with some experimental data of scientific discoveries.

By rigorous analytical reasoning, without considering the scale, we tentatively conclude that, among the fundamental particles discovered so far, only the up quarks, neutrinos and their antiparticles have the characteristics of the limiting particles. In this way, there are 12 kinds of limit particles that human beings can potentially discover: red up quark, anti-red up quark, green up quark, anti-green up quark, blue up quark, anti-blue up quark, electron neutrino, anti-electron neutrino, muon neutrino, anti-μon neutrino, τon neutrino, anti-τon neutrino. This conclusion was arrived at through a rigorous derivation, but is not repeated here due to space limitations.

These 12 limiting particles are the real indivisible most fundamental elementary particles, which can be called absolute fundamental particles. If the above-mentioned limiting particles are finally confirmed, then they are in fact equivalent to the discovery of these 12 limiting particles, whether they recognize the new dimension of the limiting world or not. This was discovered by scientists unintentionally, but unfortunately, they have not yet recognized this deeper problem because they are bound by the cognitive limitations of the standard model, which is a great loss to the cause of human cognitive progress. However, this is also a theoretical speculation, and if it is finally proved that the scale of the upper quark and neutrino is larger than that of the limiting particle, then this hope will no longer exist.

In fact, although the limiting particle theory has not attracted much attention in the mainstream scientific community, the connotations of its ideas are actually highly valued by prominent scientists both at home and abroad. 202 February 19, reported that the Scientific American monthly website published on January 30 the US journal article "What Does Spacetime Really Consist of? According to the article by Adam Becker, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington, Puckett argues that physics provides many hints that space-time as we know it is not something fundamental. Puckett also argues that two intertwined particles on opposite sides of the galaxy or universe could maintain their connection, a puzzle that has plagued many physicists for decades. But then, says Puckett, if space is emergent, then perhaps it is not so mysterious and frightening that entanglement can persist across great distances -- after all, distance is a structure. -- an idea that fits well with the limiting particle theory interpretation of quantum entanglement.

Third, scientists can not explain the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement" because its way of perception is outdated!

Jiang Huo has written many times before to attack the subjective relativistic tendency of relativity theory, which is considered a fallacy and a huge slippage in scientific cognition, and the so-called curvature of space-time is actually denied by a large number of observations and experiments. However, after learning about Einstein's attitude toward "quantum entanglement", he has changed his opinion about Einstein's attitude and believes that he is at least very objective in his attitude toward "quantum entanglement" and the explanation of mass-energy transformation.

For the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement", Einstein, De Broglie, Bohm, Wigner, Krause, Simone, Li Zhengdao and other scientists insist on the objectivist attitude that there is no supernatural phenomenon of super distance in the universe. For this reason, Einstein and others proposed the theory of local entities and Bohm's theory of hidden variables to explain the physical phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Their view is that although we cannot explain "quantum entanglement" yet, we can be sure that there must be a natural and objective reason behind the phenomenon of "quantum entanglement".

Einstein's objective and pragmatic attitude is a scientist should have the minimum quality, should give a big nod, but he can not do anything about the "quantum entanglement" phenomenon, what is the reason? The reason is that the entire modern scientific system has gone into complete decline, and this cognitive system and knowledge form has become increasingly unsuitable for deeper and broader fields, and Einstein and almost all scientists can not explain the "quantum entanglement", the main reason is that they are limited to the modern scientific cognitive system and the standard The main reason why Einstein and almost all other scientists cannot explain "quantum entanglement" is that they are bound by the modern scientific cognitive system and the standard model, and cannot jump out of this outdated cognitive fence.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

In a word, the modern scientific system is obsolete! Mankind needs a radical cognitive revolution, and this cognitive revolution has in fact come ten years ago, which is the cognitive revolution of the new civilization. The direct result of the new civilizational cognitive revolution is the generation of a new civilizational cognitive system and knowledge form that completely surpasses the modern scientific system in a comprehensive and advanced frontier.

Human cognitive revolution is an inevitable and natural trend of human progress and development. Three cognitive revolutions have occurred in the era of civilization, namely, the ancient civilization cognitive revolution (textual thinking revolution), the modern civilization revolution (rationalism revolution) and the new civilization revolution (to efficient thinking revolution), which gave birth to a simple cognitive system, the modern civilization revolution gave birth to a modern scientific cognitive system and the new civilization revolution gave birth to a new civilization cognitive system.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

The birth of the new civilization revolution and the new civilization cognitive system is set in the context of the information age, and its main theoretical production mark is the publication of the series of new civilization works since 2012, such as "New Civilization", "Unified Information Theory" and "Violet Star Bright", while the milestone as an emerging thing is the birth of the New Civilization International Cooperation Organization in 2015! In addition, such publications as "Critique of Modern Scientific Theory", "The Fundamental Theory of Modern Science is Fundamentally Wrong", "The Modern Scientific System is Decayed and Outdated and Needs to be Completely Rebuilt", "The Way of Cognition has Come from "Science" to the "New Civilization" Era" were also published. .

The Unified Information Theory is the precursor to a new civilization. Under the vision of unified information theory, human beings can perfectly realize the complete grand unification of cognitive system and build the ideal model, which is not only physical, but even the whole nature, life, society, matter and spirit all realize the complete and thorough grand unification.

Quantum entanglement, the only person in the world who can reasonably explain it

On this basis, we can explain many problems that human beings could not explain before, including "quantum entanglement" and UFO phenomenon. For example, the Unified Information Theory does not deny the existence of aliens, but believes that UFOs still belong to natural phenomena that modern science cannot recognize, and the essence of UFOs belongs to a kind of perceptual limit particle solids (for more details, please refer to "Zwei Xingming").

No cognitive system is ever obsolete, and the decline of the modern scientific system and the weathering of the cognitive system are in accordance with natural laws. But in the face of the above-mentioned development trend of the new civilization revolution, how do the big names in science respond?

Like many old conservative forces, they do not analyze the inner mechanism and rationality of this civilizational revolution, but choose to ignore and wildly attack it, using some old and outdated "rags-to-riches" knowledge to denigrate it in various ways. Of course, there are also people who choose to play deaf and dumb, trying to marginalize the new civilization dominated by the Unified Information Theory through this kind of silence for a long time, in order to continue to maintain their authoritative position in the cognitive world, and the heart of such people is actually even less good.

A truly high level of literacy should face up to the various problems it may encounter, not be a shrinking violet. Frogs bury their heads in the dirt and pretend that the new civilization doesn't exist? Ridiculous!

The New Civilization people are discussing with you not to compete with you for authority and mainstream, but for the hope of sincere cooperation with you, but if you continue to choose to ignore or even denigrate the New Civilization, then we will also choose to ignore and fight back against you.

For the new civilization, we can completely engage in our own, including theory, technology, experiments all adopt the model and standard of the new civilization. Although we are now weak, but we are not afraid of your conservative and backward forces, history will always progress, advanced and backward one day will see the difference.