Quickly read! Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area "lazy tourist route" is here!

Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is a national forest park, the mountain lonely peaks towering, in addition to the Tianmen Cave, Tianmen Escalator and other well-known, there are dozens of attractions, large and small, if you want to know this scenic area in a short time, how should I go?

At present, the scenic guide map marks out two tour routes, east and west. The east tour route is: Tianmen Mountain Ropeway Upper Station - dove garden - high altitude cloud corridor/bonsai stone area - Tianmen Turning Water - -North Overlook -Yuhu Peak -East Line Glass Walkway -South Overlook Tianmen - -East Line Trail - Wood and Stone Love - Cherry Bay - Tianmen Mountain Temple -Take the summit cable car - Yunmeng Xian Ding. The East Line is about 3.7 kilometers long, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the primitive secondary forest with strange rocks and trees, and also overlook the Tianmen Cave in the sky.

The west line tour route is: Tianmen Mountain ropeway upper station - Lingxiao Terrace - west line glass walkway - Ghost Valley Walkway - -suspension bridge -view the Ghost Valley Cave -split -seeker's cave - Cherry Bay - Tianmen Mountain Temple - Take the Peak Cable Car - Yunmeng Xian Ding. The west route is about 2.8 kilometers long, visitors can overlook the whole city, but also enjoy the magnificent scenery of the peaks and valleys, and explore the mysterious and distant culture of Tianmen Mountain's hermitage and immortal mountain culture.

Quickly read! Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area "lazy tourist route" is here!

In fact, there is a hidden "lazy tourist route" in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area. Let's see what the local guide has to say about it.

Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area interpreter Yang Min introduced the "lazy tourist route" as follows: take the ropeway to the top of the mountain, and then go to the highest peak - Yunmeng Xian Ding, where the elevation is 1518.6 meters, the highest elevation of Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area. After coming down from Yunmeng Xianding, visit Li Na Villa first, then go for a walk on the west line glass trestle, then go back to the Ghost Valley trestle, return to the original point of the ropeway, visit the east line of the sling god domain, dove garden in turn, and then arrive at the Pan Long Cliff glass trestle, the exit of which can be seen on the 99th road of Panshan. After that, go to the high altitude cloud corridor, take the escalator through the mountain to Tianmen Cave, and finally take the Tianmen Cave express trail down the mountain.

To sum up: Tianmen Mountain Ropeway Upper Station - Yunmeng Xian Ding - Li Na Villa - West Line Glass Stack - -Ghost Valley Trail -Slinging God's Domain -Dove Garden -Panlong Cliff Glass Trail -High-altitude cloud corridor -Through the mountain escalator -Tianmen Cave front plaza -Tianmen Cave fast clue road. Yang Min introduced, such a trip usually takes less than 3 hours, of which the line of the mountain top tour takes about 1 hour.

This version of the itinerary is simple and uncomplicated, suitable for "lazy people", tourists in a hurry and tourists with the elderly and children. However, if you have plenty of time, it is more recommended to take the full course.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Man Yankun

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