Rambo's Rides: 20 Vehicles That Sly Stallone Made Famous On And Off Screen

Rambo's Rides: 20 Vehicles That Sly Stallone Made Famous On And Off Screen

With the release of the fifth installment in the Rambo action film series, Last Blood, Stallone marks his 6th decade in the business they call Show. To say he is a heavyweight in the industry would be a serious understatement.

And to call the Rambo series a simple action film would be a travesty all in its own as well. The film takes the audience on a tortured man’s path, a path that Stallone adapted from the classic novel by author David Morrell. Stallone’s John Rambo is full of heart and turmoil—something that explodes on screen with every frame, both dramatically and thrillingly.

And through these six decades in cinema and television, Stallone has racked up other pretty impressive performances (Rocky, Creed, Copland …), and also over this period of time, he’s made himself quite known as being an aficionado of all vehicles powerful and beautiful both on and off screen.

Join us as we celebrate the release of yet another film of Sly’s and take a look at some of the vehicles he made popular on camera and some from his personal collection.

20. The Police Cruiser In Demolition Man

Of course science fiction films as well as action films shed some light on some pretty spectacular vehicles that really don't exist. And in the years that Hollywood has been creating these epic vehicles we've all been watching with bated breath. 1993's Demolition Man was no different, as the film showcased some pretty impressive futuristic vehicles, very much like the police cruiser from the hit film.

19. Sly's Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

After achieving some success who wouldn't want to acquire some of the best cars money can buy. Stallone takes pride in his car collection and why shouldn't he? He's a ''car guy'' after all. And with this one here, he shows that he's got some great taste and knows his way around a garage too. The Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano is one of the best the company has to offer.

18. Cobra's 1950 Mercury Monterey Coupe

With recent rumors that Robert Rodriguez and Stallone are in talks of bringing this film back to life after over thirty years since the original, which was directed by the late, great George P. Cosmatos, many are hoping that the car in the film make a heroic return as well. After all, it was Marion Cobretti's trusted steed after all. You can't really have one without the other.

17. Sly's Mustang GT

And what would a private collection be without a Mustang? Anyone who knows anything about cars knows that a Mustang is probably one of the greatest muscle cars around, depending on certain models of course. But Sly's is a definite beast and it's custom designed to boot, so all the more to look at when he stops in for lunch at Cafe Roma.

16. The Dirt Bike From First Blood - Yamaha XT 4

First Blood was the film that started it all for the franchise. Stallone had a hard time getting it off the ground, doing it his way, but finally, he got the tide to turn and he got to shoot and cut the film as he saw fit. They should have listened to him from the beginning, as Stallone turned a very good book into an exceptional film. As far as we're concerned, the film is the mold for action/dramas the world over. And who can forget the chase from the police station and into the cold mountains featuring this bike?

15. Sly's Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Anyone who respects a good, powerful vehicle is going to respect the power that an impeccable truck has to offer. And this truck specifically is definitely a beast as well. His good friend, The Austrian Oak himself, has got one almost exactly like it, but the two have been competing for a while (amicably), and apparently they also try to outdo each other when it comes to expensive watches too.

14. The Ford F-100 From The Expendables

And two giant franchises weren't enough. In the new millennium, Stallone would add not one, but two new franchises to his incredible resume. The Escape Plan franchise just added a 3rd and new installment this year and The Expendables is rumored to be going into a fourth and perhaps final installment. It was in the latter that Stallone featured this incredible Ford and boy did it have an explosive few moments on screen.

13. Sly's Chevrolet Camaro

Any collector also must have a Camaro in his or her collection, as it too is a celebrated model and a powerful one at that. he's got a newer model in his collection and seems to steer clear of older models in any of his vehicles, notwithstanding the Ford from The Expendables and of course the Cobra Mercury we saw a bit earlier.

12. 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am From Rocky II

A vehicle seen many times over in Hollywood, it was a refreshing addition for any automotive enthusiast to see in the second installment in the Rocky Franchise. The film was released in 1979, and it saw the character of Rocky finally enjoying some financial success after years of poverty. And the character went all out, even purchasing this beauty here.

11. The Oldsmobile 442 (1970) From Demolition Man

Also from Demolition Man, this here was the only thing that could remind the character of John Spartan of the time in which he came from. He and the car were the only things left that remotely represented the old era of the world, depicted in the film. And of course, we can't forget the evil Simon Phoenix, played by the incredible Wesley Snipes. The car made for some hilarious moments between Stallone and his co-star Sandra Bullock and a pretty epic car chase too.

10. The Racing Car From Driven

Many were disappointed that this film depicted Champ Car Kart racing and not Formula 1 per se, but there were those that didn't mind at all. The film was expertly directed by Renny Harlin of Cliffhanger and Deep Blue Sea fame, and written by Sylvester Stallone. Unfortunately, people often forget that Stallone was a writer first and he has written much of his work on screen. He's also written a fictional novel ... Paradise Alley and a book on fitness.

9. Sly's Rolls Royce Phantom

A definitive member of his collection and yet another example at how classy this man is. A Rolls Royce speaks to anyone's tastes and class, as it is a formidable vehicle and one that not everyone can afford. Definitely high end, it's sleek style has impressed many for a long time, and yet hasn't changed all that much over the years. One of the times when consistency matters, eh?

8. The ''Italian Stallion'' Bike From The Rocky Franchise - Harley-Davidson FLH 80

This bike made many appearances in the Rocky franchise, but ultimately, it's final scene was a sad one at that ... when the character of Rocky loses the bike at auction, as a result of him losing all the money he made in the boxing field he was famous for. But who can forget the scene when he and Adrian ride atop the bike in Rocky 3 ... at the height of the character's boxing career?

7. 1932 Hiboy Hot Rod

And a little bit more muscle makes an appearance in Stallone's epic collection. This one here, which we can and will call a hot rod, is an interesting addition to Stallone's now famous collection, as it really isn't much like the others. And what should we all expect but a bit of muscle from a man who still has bulging biceps and a trim waist at the age of 72?

6. The Helicopter From Rambo 2 - Mil Mi-24 Hind

And of course cars and bikes aren't the only thing that Stallone has driven on the scree, as we can clearly see here. In Rambo 3 he drove a tank and in Rambo 2, he actually piloted the helicopter depicted in this incredible artwork from the film's promotional posters. The chopper depicted is a typical Russian model from the era and it was shown in many scenes in the film, particularly the ending when Rambo brings home some PODs.

5. Sly's Porsche Panamera

There are rumors online that Sly got rid of this model, but nothing really conclusive. It's not like the man's going to hold a press conference telling us what he has and doesn't have anymore. If he did, we'd be front row; trust us, but we've got to do a little leg work as journalists too. We can't just sit around and stare at pictures of cars all day, can we? Although it would be nice.

4. The Chopper From The Expendables

The Ford wasn't the only mean machine in The Expendables. The Expendables were mean machines themselves, the set full of broad-backed musclebound heroes form many eras of cinema in which the action genre was born and perfected, but we aren't talking about them. We're talking about the cool choppers that the characters ride at the beginning and end of the film. They are also shown throughout the frames of the movie in all their glory.

3. Sly's Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

And yes, another Mercedes in the collection and this time it isn't a truck. The car in question marks one of Sly's most modest possessions and items in the collection and we commend him on that as well. Not to say that this model isn't powerful or good, but it's definitely a departure from the other vehicles in his garage.

2. The Tango & Cash ''RV From Hell''

This one too marked an incredible moment in cinematic history, and we aren't talking only about the car. The pairing of Stallone and Kurt Russell is one that has gone down in history, and the scenes that erupted between the two were both hilarious and exciting ... specifically the scene in this Super Vehicle designed by a character in the film to infiltrate the compound of the villain who had apprehended Tango's sister, played by the incomparable Terri Hatcher. There are rumors of a sequel that we wish are true!

1. The Big Rigs From Over The Top

Over The Top was yet another incredible character played by Stallone and the big rigs featured in this one were almost characters themselves, or they seemed to be at least. The old beaten down one that the character drives at the beginning, an Autocar A-10264, was almost like the character's friend and confidant; the equivalent of a horse in a Western on its last legs, and the one he wanted to win at the end, a 1986 Volvo Semi Tractor, which represented the future he wanted for him and his son. Takes us back, that's for sure.