Ranking The 25 Worst Supercars Ever

When one thinks of a supercar, it all boils down to two crucial things: performance and style. These cars represent the next generation of cars presented through creative and innovative ideas. Importantly, if a car wants to be called super but is lacking in either of those two areas, it has already failed.

There are some supercars out there that most of us have doubts about. The word "super" in and of itself commands respect, and if the car is lacking it certainly doesn`t go unnoticed. Other automakers want to make a name in the world of supercars but are not willing to invest in what it takes to be on the list.

On the other hand, some cars that claim to be supercars are just total disappointments, to say but the least. It is one thing to create a cost-effective and affordable car, but this is not a license for compromising the quality that comes with a supercar. It is common knowledge that most supercars are overly pricy which makes them unaffordable for many car enthusiasts. However, would it be a supercar if everyone could afford it?

All in all, there are some of the supercars everyone knows didn’t require the attention they got. The following is a list of the worst supercars ever.

25. JAGUAR XJ220

The Jaguar XJ220 is a superb car and would probably not be on this list if not for some flaws that went unnoticed. It has a good style, and its performance is at par with most of what we`d call supercars out there.

On paper, this car is great and moves a lot of people, but it tends to disappoint in actual reality.

The promise made before the launch of this car was a V12 roaring machine engine and all-wheel-drive system. To their disappointment, those who jumped at the offer got a V6 RWD which was very deceptive from a brand like Jaguar.


As stated earlier, to be a supercar, it’s not all about the looks but performance as well. In the world of these cars, it is not good enough to look the part, you've got to play it as well. The Delorean DMC is a good example of a car that looks the part but does absolutely nothing to live up to the hype. It is stylish and very good-looking but in terms of performance, the DMC compares to an old Metro. The catalytic models took a whole 10 seconds to hit the 60mph which is not even worth considering in a discussion on supercars.


Regarding the design of the 6-wheeled Panther 6 model, there is a lot to talk about. A 6-wheeled supercar should be a scene-stealer worth watching but the Panther 6 isn’t. For a car with speed, an 8.2l engine with twin turbo V8 is a budget risk. It is a no wonder later models came with a fuel saver as a major selling point. The model also claims a top speed of 200 mph which has never been substantiated. If indeed the speed is true then what is left to worry about whether the Panther 6 is worth a supercar title is its style.


The dodge viper is a performer and its sinister looks got the world hooked to it. However, the current model is not as good as the ancestral models of 1992.

At the time of introduction, the Dodge Viper had everyone talking about its performance and it was idolized by many.

Competition has been stiff, but why the viper couldn`t keep up is difficult to understand. Maybe it’s because the car was never as great a car as most of us thought. The quality of a supercar should keep rising but that of the Viper keeps doing the opposite.


The Japanese makers of this vehicle managed to do one thing right, giving it a sporty look. The car looks stylish and promising in performance. The name is adapted from a Japanese dragon which was also the inspiration behind the looks as well. The car looks aggressive and ready for the track but does not really have much to give out in terms of power. There are mixed reactions to the style of the Mitsuoka Orochi because some people think that it’s ugly. One thing we all can agree on is that its performance is below par for a supercar. It totally lacks in speed, and its engine is the same as that of the Toyota Camry.


Lamborghini is a leading maker of supercars, but with the Countach on this list, it’s clear enough that even the best can make a total fail. Many people admired this car in the 80s, and it made it to the wall of fame in many people`s bedrooms.

Its looks earned it a space on people`s walls and in their hearts because not many could afford to actually try it.

Subsequently, it remains one of the best looking cars of the 80s. The shortcomings of the Countach heavily outweigh its looks starting with the demanding clutch. It is not made for comfort as its likely to break one's spine while driving.

19. VECTOR M12 1990

There isn’t much to say about this car because it didn’t stand much of a fight in the market against competitor brands. However, it has earned credit for the design that makes it sleek and appear fast. It is fitted with a Lamborghini Diablo engine and probably got the inspiration on the style from the same. What failed this promising car most was the makes of other parts like the fiberglass body which made it look cheap. A supercar is a head turner and any sign that quality is compromised will incur the wrath of most enthusiasts. This could have been a great car if it got the support it desperately needed.


The Atlantique is a French fiber-glass bodied supercar. As most people would expect from a French-made car, it is not a performer.

It comes with a 2.8L, turbocharged V6 engine and only 260hp.

To make matters worse it is lightweight which should make it fast on the tracks. It records a top speed of 167 Mph and takes about 5.2 sec from 0-60. Despite a fairly good design and stylish looks, it was as hard for this car to match its competitors as it was for the company to stay afloat.


The Devel sixteen is considered insane and impractical due to its overrated features. The car is fitted with a V16, 5000hp twin-turbocharged engine. Its acceleration speed is insane at 320mph which is lightning fast. It is not clear how the car is geared, but a flex on the acceleration pedal is enough to thrust one into a wall. If you think of what a car with such power can do, it is scary to ride in one. The design of the Devel sixteen is not as impressive as the performance stats but is somewhere among the worst designs of the modern day.


The reason this car made it on this list is that of the rough times it has had gone through since its introduction in 2009. The management had issues to deal with that were beyond the car and, therefore, it didn’t get the attention it deserved.

It is fitted with a 3.5L 400bhp V6 engine.

It is as stylish as a supercar could be but is not a cause for any concern to the competitors. It is the price that comes with the Lotus Evora that shakes and causes doubt of whether it is really worth the hassle.


The Caparo T1 is another insane car given its ability and its small engine. Its design is close to that of an F1 speed car. However, even with its 3.5L, V8 engine with an output of 575hp, it has not come without pitfalls. Back in 2007, one of its engines caught fire at 150mph. As astonishing as that might be, it definitely had come up as one of the challenges of the T1 against it being a supercar. There have been plans to improve on the performance, but nothing has happened yet, seems even the company has lost hope in its own car.


The Weber Faster One made a lot of promises which earned it a name on the street as the “fastest” car. It is made with the most skill and engineering to maximize efficiency as everyone strives to do with a supercar. It promises 900hp from its twin supercharged V8 engine and a speed of up to 200mph. While the promises are big and have everyone wanting this car, the design is extremely wanting. If a car is made to race, then it should be made to look good as well.


The Maserati MC12 was a total failure by Maserati because being adopted from the Enzo Ferrari, it has inferior performance. If a company is going to borrow a car design, then the output has to be much better.

It is surprising that the Maserati MC12 has a poorer braking system than the Ferrari it is adopted from.

The thought of a supercar with a bad braking system is unbearable. In terms of speed, the MC12 is also lagging behind, and one is left to wonder, what then is it better at?


The MTX Tatra is fitted with a 3.9l V8 engine producing up to 302hp. Made from a country best known for producing Skodas, this supercar was a great innovation. Though the carmakers are trying to get back in business and recapture their lost glory, there is much to work on. The design and style of the MTX is boring and lacks the magic of a supercar. Its performance is relatively good though only 4 of these were made, hence there isn’t much to consider for this car.


Ferrari is a bonafide maker of supercars and that can’t be denied from them. However, from time to time, this company tries new tricks with an effort to stay ahead but ends up with something cheap. The Ferrari Mondial came up as an attempt by the company to target the down-market of supercar fans that couldn’t afford one. With that in mind, the company just took a simple and needy, design and powered it with a 214hp engine. However, despite its successful sales numbers, the car was never good enough.


Lamborghini supercars are incredible when it comes to speed, acceleration, and power. The Lamborghini Aventador is therefore not a disappointment to the company because it is indeed fast. The main reason it has made it to this list is because of the quality of material used for the body.

The Carbon-fibre monocoque is not really reliable and considering the speed of this car, a lot of caution is needed.

Coincidentally, there are many reports of total wreckage of the Aventador which makes the quality of its material questionable.


The Ferrari Testa Rossa was a star in the 80s, and many people thought it looked modern, aggressive, and edgy. While that could have been the case back then, there is no argument about its looks though there were some questions about its performance. The model is very fragile and prone to issues. It is even more disappointing when most of the owners of this model claim that it is only suitable for light driving and as a supercar that is hard to stomach. How can a car not perform like it is actually made to do?


It is hard to understand how a car that was built by a number of people well versed in the exotic field of cars could have failed to impress. On paper, this car looked like it was the next big thing in the supercar industry.

It was not adequate enough to face other competitor brands in the market, however.

Actually, it was easily outdone by the Diablo regarding performance and it's impossible to explain how its price was almost that of the Lamborghini Diablo.


One would think that when a prestigious German marque is working with the most successful Formula One team, this would lead to greatness. The Mercedes SLS failed to live up to this reputation and didn’t deliver as promised. Actually, one of the results from a combination of such skills is the non-impressive face of the SLS. The two legends could not come up with a way to reduce the weight of the car, which ended up being about 2 tonnes.


The Chevrolet Corvette has been a good model and we've seen multiple generations of the car in the market. However, with such a long time in production, there have been some misses which shouldn’t go unnoticed. The main issue here is not with the horsepower but the fragility of this car that was a serious drain in people`s pockets. It never mattered how much it was driven because it was always doomed to break down at some point.


The Hofstetter Turbo dates back from the 80s and the fiberglass monster was a troublemaker at the time. It was powered by a 1.8L engine that is quite convenient for a car with top speed. On the design, the Hofstetter had sharp curvy edges that resemble a sports car. The model is not disappointing since there is not much to expect from it. Actually, it made it on the list because Volkswagen is the brains behind it. Considering what Volkswagen can do if only they are committed, it seems like this model was their lazy way out.


The design and Lambo-style looks of the Dome Zero clearly show that the carmakers had a vision. However, there was a lack of the confidence and boldness that supercar makers ought to have. Fitting such a fierce looking supercar with a 2.8l engine is an effort towards failure with the kind of competition it stands to face. The car was never made to face the tracks and could have been a total disappointment. It's no wonder it never saw serious production.


Covini had proven themselves as equals in the market way earlier with their diesel sports car. In their C6W model, the company was revisiting an earlier idea from F1 which had already failed.

In as much as effort was obviously put into this work, it was a great risk that bore no fruit.

The idea of a 6-wheeled sports car was a failure from the beginning. It is good to try new things but sometimes, the conventional ways are just fine. If Covini feels like trying a second time, let them leave the 6-wheels idea behind them.

2. BMW M1

The M1 was first among the winning race cars in the M class. As a product of BMW, most people had trust in it and it proved itself, giving birth to a sub-brand. However, this great achievement in quality never made it up for the flops in the M1. It saw a change in hand soon after Lamborghini declared financial failure and BMW took over. It contained a 6-cylinder engine and Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. The design of the M1 was not given much consideration making it a supercar that lacks in style.


The Mosler Consulier can be identified among many car enthusiasts as one of the ugliest supercars of all time. The 80s does not go without its surprises because aside from the ugly look, the car has speed. Still, there will emerge a lot of debate since its speed comes from its overly light weight. The light weight enables the car to speed up and has some awards to show for it. No one seems to like this car even with the speed because its price is not indicative of its ugly look.