Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

Strap it down and keep it snug for transport. Ratchet tie-downs will help.

Dirt bikes, naked bikes, cruisers, there comes a time when you need to transport your motorcycle on a truck or trailer, because you need to tote it to OHV land, the track, or simply to the shop for service. Tie-downs are utilized to strap your rig down during transport and with the ratchet feature ensure it is extra secure. Without going into a full-flung lesson in strapping down your motorcycle properly, the main idea is to make sure you have four key anchor points of the motorcycle (typically two on either side of the handlebar/triple clamp and then two anchor points toward the rear) secured down. Here’s some ratchet tie-downs so you can be ready for the move.


Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

The rubber-coated S-hooks help protect from scratches when you secure your motorcycle down.

It’s one thing to transport your motorcycle from point A to point B successfully, but if you get to your final destination and find scratches on your cargo that is a bit of a killjoy. Ratchet straps like this have rubber-coated S-hooks to protect your vehicle from scratches while the 15 feet of webbing secures your load. The manufacturer claims the ergonomic handles are molded on so they will never fall off. Augo throws in a couple of bungee cords to help sweeten the deal. Besides, you can use these bungees to make sure your bulky gear bag gets to the destination safely as well.

Built To Last

Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

This strap set is claimed to be made of military-grade webbing.

These are claimed to be scientifically engineered with 100-percent industrial-strength polyester with a ratchet featuring a military-grade, indestructible rubberized coating which results in a strap set with 1,823 pounds of break strength. The S-shaped hooks are also rubber coated and have a rust-proof finish so moisture doesn’t sneak its way in to weaken any portion of your strap. After you are done transporting your motorcycle these ties are suitable for all sorts of other jobs such as transporting sporting equipment, furniture, and other motorsport products.

Easy To Use

Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

This easy-to-use set comes with soft loop straps, S-hook straps, ratchets, and a carrying case.

Bright green tie-downs like these are easy to see and make it simple to strap down to your load. The manufacturer claims a 1,500-pound break strength and 500-pound load limit per strap. A spring-loaded release mechanism makes it easy to remove as well. The included four metal ratchet buckles, four soft loop straps, and four S-hook straps can be conveniently stored in the compact carry case when not in use.


Ratchet Tie-Downs For Securing Your Motorcycle

Don’t let Mother Nature take its toll on your straps. These are UV and rust resistant.

Upping the ante on break strength are these straps from Sunferno. Break strength is a claimed 2,500 pounds with a 1,250-pound working load cap. Fully curved S hooks allow for extra peace of mind in keeping the tie-down in place. The UV-resistant webbing of the straps and rust-proof black coating on the ratchet help protect against the elements so you won’t have to worry as much about premature wear from the sun and rain. The ergonomic rubber handle and easy-release mechanism make the securing and unloading job simpler. Newbie ratcheteer? An instructional guide is included so you can do the job correctly.