Reasons You Should Pleasure Yourself More

Reasons You Should Pleasure Yourself More

It shocks me to learn how infrequently my female friends pleasure themselves. Both those in relationships and those who aren’t are not doing it enough. There are plenty of reasons for people in both situations to pleasure themselves more. It’s good for those in relationships. It’s good for single individuals. And we know that the men in our lives are doing it regularly. I understand that many think it’s gross or immature that men do it a lot. But maybe they’re just onto something. It’s a shame, really, that we grow up with the idea that that’s more of a “man thing to do.” It perpetuates the idea that pleasure, for the sake of it, is just for men. Why would women do that if they aren’t having sex with a man? Right? WRONG! Here are reasons you should masturbate more.

You’ll sleep better

When you orgasm, your brain releases relaxing chemicals that can help you sleep. You know this from the times you pass out immediately after sex. You definitely know this from every time your male partners pass out right after sex.

You’ll be more discerning about dates

If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’ve accepted a lot of sub-par dates during times you were just horny. Your libido was clouding your judgment. You tolerated terrible dates because you simply wanted to find a reason to sleep with these guys.

There were times things got so bad—the well had been so dry—that you did have sex with men you deeply regret sleeping with. It’s amazing how, when you start masturbating more, you just don’t go home with that dude who is into Disney Anime.

You’ve likely been stuck in a long, drawn-out, messy, complicated friends with benefits situation, all because you wanted somebody on call when you got horny. So you dealt with the odd emotions and awkward, pseudo-relationship dynamics that come with that. You can just masturbate that right out of your life.

It’s a form of treating yourself

If you’re into treating yourself from time to time, masturbating is a part of that. Get a nice, high-end toy, some luxurious lube, and make that room all cozy. You feel empowered. It’s a self-care thing.

You’ll feel less stressed

You’ll also feel far less stressed after masturbating. It’s why many men do it before big meetings or after career letdowns. It has a way of making everything feel okay again.

You’ll get that glow

You know that glow you have after an orgasm? Your whole face if flushed. You get sexy bed head. You can just give that to yourself. You don’t need to deal with a man and the condoms and the switching positions for him.

You can’t get yourself pregnant

Hey, that’s a big perk! You don’t need to worry about getting yourself knocked up every time you want to get your socks off. And that’s a big concern every time you meet up with that friend-with-benefits. Imagine if the condom breaks with that guy who is trying to be a “professional video gamer.” Dear Lord.

You don’t need to worry about cleanup

There’s little cleanup with yourself. You don’t have to do that awkward crab walk to the bathroom to keep certain, um, fluids from dripping on the sheets or floor. Masturbation is so much cleaner than sex (for women, at least).

You’re better at it than men

You know your body so much better than men do, don’t you? You don’t have to find delicate, diplomatic ways to tell yourself you’re doing it wrong. You’re not doing it wrong! You don’t have to protect your own ego. You don’t have to hope you finish before, uh, you finish?

It’s less pressure on your relationship

If you are in a long-term relationship, then you know there are times when you’re in the mood and he isn’t—and visa versa. It’s actually nice to just be able to go handle that yourself, so your partner doesn’t feel guilty about blue-balling you. Or blue…vulva-ing you?

It clears your head

Like I stated before, a lot of men will masturbate before an important meeting or even after a high-adrenaline day. It has a way of just clearing your head. It can have the same effect as one glass of wine but without the calories or the need to pee a bunch after.

Watching adult films can be empowering

There is something interesting that happens to our psyche when we watch porn. If we choose the right content, we watch women who feel confident in their bodies, who feel entitled to having great sex, and who love themselves and feel great about their sexuality.

It can chase away a bad mood

For me, masturbating can just chase away a bad mood. If I’m just grumpy, nitpicking at my partner about nothing at all, and finding a hundred little reasons to be upset, I often just go into my room, masturbate, and am much cheerier.

Your partner is doing it

Your boyfriend is absolutely still doing it all of the time, and that’s a good thing! So if you aren’t, then that’s just unfair. Your libidos will be out of rhythm.

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