Scarlett Johansson was rejected due to her 'husky voice'

Scarlett Johansson was rejected due to her 'husky voice'
Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was rejected for jobs because of her "trademark husky voice".

The Hollywood actress began her career at the age of nine with the film 'North', but she originally wanted to work in musical theatre until casting directors kept rejecting her due to her deep voice.

Speaking to Candis magazine, Scarlett recalled: "When I was a little kid, I trained as a singer because I really wanted to do musical theatre, but my voice was so deep it was impossible for me to get cast! So I went into acting instead.

"I'd go on auditions, I was this cute little blonde girl, then I'd open my mouth and say [in a deep voice], 'Buy this product, it's fantastic!' It was quite a disadvantage at the time. I lost count of hearing casting directors ask me if I had a sore throat."

However, Scarlett's hoarse voice has become her signature style over time.

She continued: "It's actually grown smoother over the years. But I think people have gotten used to it on me - in fact, I saw somewhere that it's now referred to as my trademark husky voice!"

Scarlett, 35 - who has been engaged to Colin Jost since 2019 - is one day hoping to star in a movie penned by the 'Saturday Night Live' co-head writer.

Asked if she would consider working with her fiance, she said: "Yes, of course. He's a wonderful comedy writer, so I'd feel confident working with anything that he wrote.

"He's very light, quick and relaxed - and he's very funny, which is important to me. I grew up in a very funny household, so I've always been attracted to humor in a partner."