Drug resistance has become a "roadblock" to targeted therapy! How to determine drug resistance? What happens after drug resistance?

Targeted therapy is an important approach to cancer treatment nowadays, especially for lung cancer, and most of the new lung cancer drugs are targeted drugs. The essence is to use foreign chemical drugs to kill tumor cells, but cancer cells are "cunning", once they find that this path can no longer be followed, they will choose to find another way, such as genetic mutations, and the drugs will no longer work, which is what we call drug resistance.

It's amazing how cells survive after a person dies! What happens to them?

Sperm cells in the human body after the death of 36 hours will still have vitality, but also to pass genes, as long as the survival of the right, but also to produce a healthy baby, but after death, other cells do not have such a good life, they are busy "killing each other", but also busy to save your golden father, after all, if you ga, they also dust to dust, earth to earth.

NASA moon rover copies Chinese design, solves 25-year US problem, US media: should fully communicate with China

According to a recent report in the South China Morning Post, NASA has used a suspension design in its newly developed lunar rover "VIPER", which is suspected to have been copied from China's "Zhurong" Mars rover. And this design, in one fell swoop to solve the U.S. Mars rover in 25 years of problems. Subsequently, the U.S. media issued a warning that the prohibition of scientific exchanges between the United States and China would be detrimental to the U.S. side.

Himalayan "Skeleton Lake", hundreds of bodies hidden at the bottom of the lake, what happened?

In recent years the earth's weather extremes are frequent, the climate began to become more abnormal, becoming a normalized performance. Mount Everest is covered with snow and ice all year round, just because of some special extremely special extreme weather, under the climate anomaly, there will be some places where the phenomenon of ice and snow melting, and with the extreme weather in recent years more and more high Himalayas, the melting of snow and ice has become an unprecedented phenomenon that requires people to wake up and reappear in front of the world.