How many Chinese academicians are there?

In China, academician usually refers to an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering. So many universities and research institutes, and even a province or city, use the number of academicians they have as a way to show their research strength and education level. So, what is the specific number of academician groups in China at present?

Scientists confirm; the origin of human life began with a fish 300 million years ago and it came from China

In recent days, Chinese researchers found the world's oldest fossilized jawed teeth based on a batch of fish fossil specimens found in the Chongqing Exceptional Buried Fossil Repository and the Guizhou Shiqian Fossil Repository, and discovered a batch of ancient fish fossils such as the oldest jawed miracle Xiushan fish, revealing the process of the rise of jawed vertebrates, the discovery of this batch of fossils, so that "from fish to human The discovery of this batch of fossils has given key evidence of "from fish to man". Chinese scientists published four articles in a row in the journal Nature and appeared on the cover of Nature, which shows the value of this research. What is "jaw"?

Can hair loss grow back? Scientists discover hair regrowth mechanism to treat hair loss at the "source"

Previously, in a study published in Exp Dermatol entitled "Exosomes derived from human dermal papilla cells promote hair growth in cultured human hair follicles and augment the hair-inductive capacity of cultured dermal papilla spheres," showed that exosomes can repair damaged hair follicles and promote hair growth and regrowth by regulating the activity of dermal and epidermal cells of hair follicles.

Three Soviet cosmonauts, exposed directly to space without space suits, lost their lives in just 40 seconds when their bodily fluids boiled over

From the beginning of the land, and then the ocean, with the development of human civilization and technology, the Earth continues to shed its mysterious veil in our eyes. When the human body is exposed to absolute zero conditions, because the molecules of the object in absolute zero does not make any movement, or even in a state of rest, in this case people will lose all senses in just a few seconds, and eventually die, and even in this process modern medicine can not play any role.