In the future, artificial intelligence will be more deadly than nuclear weapons? Scientists: poor control or will bring the end

When nuclear weapons were first created, people may have had good hopes for them - after all, they made an important contribution to the end of World War II - but today, with nuclear weapons being used as blackmail for political and military activities between nations, humanity seems to be entering its most dangerous moment ever, and we have to look again at the power of nuclear weapons with a scrupulous eye.

Deadly mice escaped from the laboratory, the United States wants to scourge all mankind? China will never

This news has sparked public concern because of the long-standing problems in U.S. biological laboratories, the DePaul laboratory suspicion has so far not seen the official U.S. answer, and mice escape and other events, it is even more thoughtful, to know that the carriers of these germs and viruses can spread deadly viruses if they come into contact with people, and these strains from U.S. laboratories, there is a great risk that could cause the spread of community outbreaks, and may even scourge the world.