Macrogenome sequencing in the clinic? We have to overcome these 4 major hurdles first

Editor's note: With the decreasing cost of nucleic acid sequencing and the rapid development of technology, macrogenome sequencing is expected to enter clinical applications. In addition to studying the human microbiome, the application of macrogenome sequencing is changing the way doctors diagnose and treat diseases. So what are the current problems facing macrogenome sequencing? And how should it be developed in the future?

How will our appearance and personality change in 10,000 years?

Life on Earth has undergone 4 billion years of evolution. Evolution will not stop, and the pace of human evolution is likely to accelerate further. Evolutionary biologists at the University of Bath in the UK predict that our lifespan, appearance, brain size, personality, and standards of beauty will change very dramatically in the future. Humans are not currently the final form humans were created after 4 billion years of evolution, which is incredible.

World's oldest mummy found in Portugal

Previously unreleased photos reveal signs of 8,000-year-old mummies, the earliest evidence ever found in the world. About 60 years ago, an archaeologist photographed several skeletons buried in an 8,000-year-old tomb in southern Portugal. Now, new analysis of these previously unpublished photos shows that the oldest human mummies are not from Egypt or even Chile, but from Europe.