A cold knowledge that can save your life!

In this case, due to the high voltage and current of lightning, it may cause injury or damage to humans and objects. The main principle is that under the external environment with electrostatic field or change instant electromagnetic radiation, the effect of electric field may only cause a momentary displacement of electrons in the conductor due to the free movement of electrons on the surface of the conductor, but in general, this displacement is very small, thus the external electric field has almost no effect on the internal electrons.

Transparent Human Skeleton Visual Art Museum

When an X-ray scan is performed, the body is exposed to low doses of X-ray radiation, which is absorbed to varying degrees by the tissues inside the body. In this way, doctors can observe the bones, organs and tissue structures inside the body to diagnose and treat diseases.

AI real-life creation: How many points do you give to these beauties?

Artificial intelligence technology is a branch of computer science that simulates human intelligent thinking and behavior through machines. Its development can be traced back to the 1950s, but it is only in recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology and the explosive growth of data volume, that AI technology has seen a real explosion. In the past few years, AI technology has made many breakthroughs, including

Electric cars take 5 minutes to fully charge! NASA unveils its latest cooling system, how far away are we?

But to this day, there are still many people who can't accept that the charging speed is too slow, which is not conducive to the efficiency of the passage for people who use the car frequently. Recently, NASA announced a message that a new NASA-funded technology for future space missions could be fully charged for electric cars in just five minutes on Earth, paving the way for increasing the popularity of such vehicles.

Warming is a hoax? The Southern Ocean is sucking up carbon like crazy, absorbing about 530 million tons more per year than it releases

A paper published by NASA in the journal Science says:From 2009-2018, experts used aviation technology to monitor the amount of carbon contained in the atmosphere three times, and the analysis found that the net annual carbon flux in the Southern Ocean south of 45°S skyrocketed, with lower levels of carbon dioxide over the region's lower layers in the summer than in the other three seasons, and even less carbon released in the winter.

How relativity really works in real life

When Einstein was developing the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite, scholars discovered that: according to Einstein's special theory of relativity published in 1905, the atomic clocks on the satellite would be 7 microseconds slower per day than those on the ground due to the speed of motion, while according to the general theory of relativity published in 1916, the atomic clocks on the satellite would be 45 microseconds faster per day than those on the ground due to the different positions in the gravitational field.