UWM: Unlocking the mystery of brain regeneration

Due to its unique and cute appearance, the Mexican salamander is a popular pet. It is also recognized for its ability to regenerate missing limbs and other tissues, including the brain, spinal cord, tail, skin, limbs, liver, skeletal muscle, heart, upper and lower jaw, and eye tissues such as the retina, cornea and lens.

What the field of psychology owes black patients

In April, the journal JAMA Psychiatry published a study, reportedly the first of its kind, in which Ezawa and colleague Daniel Strunk, a professor of psychology at Ohio State University, reported that the therapists in the study found that the cognitive techniques typically employed in CBT were less appropriate when working with black patients compared to white patients.

Caution with pharmacogenetic testing

A 2019 meta-analysis of 5 randomized controlled trials examined the use of pharmacogenetically guided decision support tools in major depressive disorder. Researchers randomly assigned 1,737 MDD participants to pharmacogenetic-guided decision support tools or to treatment as usual.