US Air Force Falls Silent After 2-Kiloton Meteor Hits Earth Close To Base

In our technologically advanced society, we are able to detect a multitude of threats before they become a problem. By monitoring the Earth’s temperature, for example, we are more than aware of the impact which pollution is having on the planet, and that’s why so many measures are being taken to reduce it.

What Is A Megalodon?

For anyone with an interest in science and paleontology, the term ‘Megalodon’ might mean something. The rest of us, however, are in probably the dark.

The Coming Worm Apocalypse Should Terrify You

You can’t avoid the zombie apocalypse in popular culture. But you may not have heard about the real one going on right beneath your feet: A worm apocalypse has been transforming farmland around the world.

10 Animals With Beautiful Spots

Although nobody can tell how Dalmatians acquired their spots, they are still one of the most popular dog breeds, thanks to their unique pelt.

12 Best Low Carb Fruits

What fruits are low in carbs? Despite the misconception, fruit is not just a huge pile of fructose, and they are foods which offer various benefits. And some of them are incredibly nutritious and beneficial for our health.