Sea Level Rise? Exclusive 120 Villa Resort Opens on "Doomed" Island

Sea Level Rise? Exclusive 120 Villa Resort Opens on

No one spends 14 million on beachfront if it is going to be underwater in a few years. But Michelle and Barack Obama did. So, it only follows that the same thinking applies to even bigger money to build a new luxury accommodation 120-villa resort on a doomed island in the Maldives.

How does 1300.00 per night sound? No worries, you can stay in a villa, while they are still above water, for under 500.00 through Agoda, Tripadvisor, Expedia or some other travel site.

In other words, only a rube pays top dollar for this opportunity (or any other).

Designed by architect Edward David Poole, each villa exudes contemporary and tropical influences to create modern and unique interiors. From the outside, the villas blend harmoniously with the backdrop of the serene, tropical island and on the inside awaits nothing short of a masterpiece. Poole’s striking design includes enormous sparkling, white marble bathrooms with lavish silver mirrors and colour-blocked bedrooms with exotic marine life wall art to compliment.

Don’t be intimidated by the climate cult. Take a chance! The Maldives should not even be there. Like a cancer patient who keeps finding themselves in remission, but the “doctors” have no clue why.

But instead of reevaluating their examination skills, or their test results, they climb on a higher hill and yell louder.

Still a win for us. After getting two to three feet of snow that shouldn’t be there either, the Maldives looks like a great escape, even if you don’t spend any time at the all-new exclusive Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa.