Setting This Picture as a Wallpaper Soft-Bricks Your Android Phone – Don't Do It

Setting This Picture as a Wallpaper Soft-Bricks Your Android Phone – Don't Do It

In the past, we have seen message threads and files that can reboot or brick your phone. We have heard these stories for the iPhone but now, it looks like something similar is affecting some Android phones. A simple picture, that doesn't share anything has the ability to soft-brick your Android phone if you set it as a wallpaper. We're not exactly sure why this is happening and Google hasn't responded to the situation as well.

This Picture as a Wallpaper Soft Bricks Your Android Phone, But Can Be Fixed Easily - Don't Do It Still!

The issue was brought forward by a leaker names Ice Universe in a tweet that an image is causing some smartphones to crash or soft-brick. Initially, you should know what soft-brick means. A device is said to be soft-bricked when it can't be used in any way. However, it can be easily fixed if the file containing the bug or issue is deleted. You can also fix it by resetting the device.

The plain image is nothing but a mountainous plain with a sunset. It is causing Android phones to soft-brick when you set it as a wallpaper. The image doesn't do anything on its own. It will rest peacefully in the gallery or the Google Photos app unless you try and set it as your device's wallpaper. Henceforth, you won't be affected if someone sends the image to you.


Never set this picture as wallpaper, especially for Samsung mobile phone users!

It will cause your phone to crash!

Don't try it!

If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) May 31, 2020

It is highly recommended that you do not try out the image as your wallpaper. Another worthy point that needs mentioning is that not all Android phones are affected by the image being set as a wallpaper. Some Twitter users replying to Ice Universe stated that the OnePlus smartphones did not see any effect of the image when setting as wallpaper. We're not sure what the image does to the system but note that it does cause havoc. So do not try this for yourself unless you're looking to soft-brick your Android phone.

9to5Google pointed out that the issue was present on the Google Pixel 3 XL running Android 10 but not on the Pixel 4 XL running Android 11. The publication stated that there is an issue with the color space of the image. Since Android displays images in sRGB, the image uses the RGB color space. Android 11 converts the color space while Android 10 does not. The image itself could not be the source of the problem but the color space format. Other images with the same format would soft-brick your Android phone too.

Again, we would add this again as a disclaimer that doesn't try this for yourself. If you have accidentally set the image as your wallpaper, you can reset your Android device via a bootloader. You can also enter safe mode and delete the file from your device as well. Google is yet to respond on the matter, so do stick around for more details on the story.

How do you feel about the image set as a wallpaper soft-bricking your Android phone? Let us know in the comments.