Shandong this decade Tai'an|Building the national cultural landmark of "Guotai Min'an

"Mount Tai is lofty, Wenshui is long. "Mount Tai, the top of the Five Mountains, is majestic and picturesque. Confucius once exclaimed that "climbing Mount Tai is a small world", and the poet Du Fu of the Tang Dynasty wrote the famous line of "When you are at the top of the mountain, you can see all the mountains". According to legend, 72 kings came to Mount Tai in the ancient times to visit the mountain, and 12 emperors came to Mount Tai since the first emperor of Qin Dynasty to offer sacrifices. It is the first cultural and natural heritage in the world, and is known as the epitome of Chinese history and culture and the symbol of Chinese national spirit. The culture of Taishan has played an important role in uniting the common will of the Chinese nation, and "Chinese Taishan - Guo Tai Min An" has become the city card of Tai'an.

Shandong this decade Tai'an|Building the national cultural landmark of "Guotai Min'an

In recent years, Tai'an has given full play to the advantages of the deep cultural heritage of Mount Tai, promoted the work of "two creations" of Mount Tai culture at a high level, created the brand of Mount Tai culture in the new era, and strived to build the national cultural landmark of "Guo Tai Min An" and the spiritual identity system of the Chinese nation.

Deeply promote the research and interpretation of Taishan culture, and thicken the cultural roots of the "two creations". Tai'an deeply explores the essence of Taishan culture, systematically elaborates the rich connotation of Taishan culture, publishes and issues a number of influential research results such as "The Chronological History of Taishan", "The Chinese Taishan Library" and "The World Taishan", making Tai'an an important showcase for the inheritance and development of Taishan culture. The Taishan Cultural Research Association and Research Institute were established, and three cultural scholars, including Mr. Feng Gicai, Vice President of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, were hired as honorary presidents. At the same time, it strengthens cooperation with Peking University, Shandong University, Confucius Institute of China and other institutions, and holds "Taishan Forum - theoretical seminar on in-depth study and implementation of 'two establishment'" to comprehensively improve the level of research and interpretation of Taishan culture. In order to make Taishan culture more charming in the times.

Fully promote the planning and construction of the Taishan Cultural Heritage Development Demonstration Zone, to create a "two innovation" development plateau. This year, Tai'an seize the historical opportunity of the province's cultural area construction, in the provincial party committee propaganda department set up a provincial demonstration area construction work team, set up the Taishan cultural heritage development demonstration area construction leading group, Taishan cultural heritage and high-quality development promotion committee, the formation of the provincial and municipal linkage, one to promote the work pattern, high-level planning, high-quality construction of Taishan cultural heritage development demonstration area. Work, adhere to the combination of near-term plan and long-term plan, commissioned the China Urban Design Institute to prepare the "Taishan cultural heritage development demonstration area master plan", the development of a three-year action plan for the demonstration area, and gradually built a demonstration area construction support system, was set as a benchmark for the province's cultural area construction work.

Continuously strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics, and revitalize the development of the "two creations". Insist on the development of cultural relics in the protection, in the development of protection, and actively strive to create a national heritage protection demonstration area, and strive to create a landmark project of cultural heritage development in Taishan. Focus on the implementation of the temple of Dai, Red Gate Palace, Bi Xia Temple and other cultural relics protection and renovation projects, vigorously promote the construction of the Dawenkou National Archaeological Site Park, Taishan Museum and other projects to strengthen the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics, really let the cultural relics "live" up. Increase cultural innovation, grasp the transformation of Taishan jade carving, Feicheng mahogany and other hand-made products innovation, four enterprises selected as "Shandong hand-made - preferred 100"; actively promote the digital transformation of Taishan culture, the development of digital collections, promote Taishan culture with new vitality.

Strongly promote the construction of key projects and promote the "two creations" to take full momentum. With the integration of cultural tourism and high-quality development as the main line, strengthen the key projects, promote cultural prosperity and development, and strive to inject new vitality into the cultural and tourism life of citizens and tourists. We have promoted the implementation of ten landmark projects, such as Taishan Museum, Dawenkou National Archaeological Site Park, Taishan Press and Publication Town, International Cultural Data (Taishan) Industry City, Taishan Forum and Taishan Show City. Among them, Taishan Press and Publication Town has been selected as a national promotion project of the National Development and Reform Commission for "Fine Characteristic Town". Focusing on the innovation of the integration of cultural tourism industry, exploring to break the path of "ticket economy" dependence, developing new lines and new products such as study tour, folklore tour, recreation tour, etc. Key projects such as the Great Wall of Qi, the Yellow River National Cultural Park (Tai'an section), the Grand Canal Intangible Cultural Heritage Learning Center are also being accelerated.

Continuously broaden the dissemination channels of Taishan culture and tell the story of "two creations" of Taishan. Strengthen in-depth cooperation with central and provincial mainstream media, key network media and commercial platforms, widely publicize and promote the contemporary connotation and cultural brand of Taishan culture, release documentaries such as "Pulsating Taishan" and "Splendid China, Magnificent Taishan" on CCTV, and cooperate with CCTV to carry out live broadcast of "Live Yellow River Taishan" and "Watching China by High-speed Railway - Tai'an". Use the Taishan International Cultural Forum, International Mountaineering Festival and other high-end forums, sports events to carry out cultural exchange activities, promote the Taishan culture better go out. Efforts have been made to bring more elegant art and fine culture into the life of the public, and a number of literary and artistic products on the subject of Taishan culture have been created, such as the book "Taishan Story", the song "Ode to Mount Defiance", "Blessing of Taishan", the movie "The Mount Defiance", the clapper drama "Taishan Mount Defiance" and the dance drama "Mount Defiance", etc. The brand of Taishan literature and art is getting brighter and brighter.

Next, Tai'an will do its best to do the "two creations" of Taishan culture, strive to 2025, the basic formation of Taishan cultural heritage development system, and enhance the influence of Taishan culture at home and abroad. In particular, we will focus on the integration and development of Taishan culture, Dawenkou culture, Red culture, Yellow River culture, Grand Canal culture and other cultures, and promote the research of new era values, construction of key projects, integrated development of cultural tourism, cultural promotion and other key work, so that Tai'an will be in the forefront of creating a new benchmark of "two creations" of excellent Chinese traditional culture. Let Taishan culture become an important window to show Chinese civilization.

(By Wang Hongtao, Liu Tao, Cao Rufeng, Popular Press - Popular Daily Client)