Share a few long highway driving experiences

Many friends like to drive out or travel, because it is very free and convenient, you can bring a lot of like things and like people, but also think that driving long distance is very tired, not very safe, really want to travel when they will be scared. Today I will share with you some highway long-distance driving experience, I hope it will help newcomers. If you are an old driver, then let you laugh, just skip it.

I like to drive alone, especially the long-distance kind, from 20 years old soon after I can drive, more than 20 years, as long as the conditions allow, I like to go out of the way to drive. I live in Fuzhou and Beijing, which are nearly 2,000 kilometers apart, and I always drive back and forth several times a year, often running thousands of kilometers a day by myself, not feeling too tired, but having a very relaxed feeling. Now affected by the epidemic, the midway accommodation is not convenient, I opened the same day mode again, driving 1900 kilometers a day, the whole 18 hours or so.

This thing is also questioned by some friends, some think a person driving so far a day is unlikely; some think this is too tired, driving a while will be sleepy, how can not rest? To drive so far must have been speeding to do, very unsafe. A day driving nearly 2000 kilometers most people can not do, and do not need, only some special occasions will encounter, but the need to drive a few hundred to a thousand kilometers on the highway in a day, or will occasionally encounter the situation, how do we do to be safe and not too tired to complete this self-driving journey? Here I'll share a few of my own experience, so you can also easily drive 1000 km on the highway in a day.

I. Prepare well in advance

1, the car should be checked in advance. If the car you often use is familiar with the condition of the car, you only need to check the tire pressure and wear, and then look at the maintenance records, the maintenance projects that are about to expire should be done in advance. If you do not often use the car, you should ask the owner to clarify the condition of the car, tires, brakes, lights to focus on checking, it is best to drive the car in advance, feel it and see if it is good to drive.

2, fill up the fuel a day in advance, which is helpful to improve the efficiency of travel.

3, have a thermos, tea, water and snacks ready. Insulated cup with a small pop-up lid, used to make tea refreshment, easy to use does not love to spill, easy to replace the tea. Tea recommended green tea, light, high polyphenol content of tea, suitable for driving refreshment with. Water, personally recommended mineral water, sweet drinks are easy to drink more sleepy, here mineral water is mainly used to make tea to cool with, otherwise the bubble good hot tea put insulation cup is not drinkable. Snacks to choose their own love to eat a certain refreshing effect, in the inside of the selection of easy to pick up and open the food, do not expect the co-driver has been to you to take food, you will be embarrassed, he is not so patient, may soon fall asleep.

4, wear comfortable and elastic clothes and shoes.

5, prepare your favorite music, enough time to listen to the day.

6, use the navigation software in advance to familiarize yourself with the journey, look at the software to estimate the time spent, and places to pass through, to do a number in mind.

7, go to bed early the night before the trip and rest well. If you can't sleep, it's okay, just lie down and rest. I often can't sleep before I travel [cover my face].

Second, travel, for example, to drive 1000 km on the same day

1, try to leave early.

If you live in a big city, try to leave before 6:00, so that there is no traffic at all, you will be out of town very early in the morning, driving on the highway in the early morning, a good start is half of the success, today's journey have a good mood. Take Beijing as an example, if you leave from indoors at 7am, the odds are that you will still be stuck on the road out of the city at 8am.

Early to go will be early to arrive, early to go an hour will be early to 2 hours, 6:00 am departure, 10 hours can easily drive 1000 km, 4:00 pm to the destination, to avoid the evening rush, go to the hotel to rest a little, no delay in the evening and friends party, go out shopping to experience the local nightlife.

2, the whole open navigation.

Do not feel that you know the road or the navigation sound bother you do not drive, now is the highway network, navigation of real-time road conditions function will help you optimize the route, not detour, to avoid congestion. And with very detailed speed limit tips, it's not easy to get a ticket when you drive it.

3, make good use of the cruise control speed.

Use a good cruise control speed can significantly reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving, set the speed to the upper limit of the speed limit can be, and then according to the navigation tips constantly adjusted. After April 1 this year, the new traffic regulations for minibuses speeding to give a certain degree of tolerance, within 20% of no points and basically no fines (this I personally tested, the specific can look at my previous article), so in dealing with road conditions, you can accelerate to resolve as much as possible do not step on the brakes, so that driving will be smoother, faster and more fuel-efficient.

4, reasonable arrangements for rest and refueling

Most of our fuel cars can go 600-1000 km on the highway cruising at 120 km on a full tank of gas, with most at 700-900 km. We fill up a day in advance for a 1,000 km trip and theoretically fill up again halfway to our destination. But I don't recommend this, especially if the roads are not familiar. I suggest that every 2-3 hours of driving, about 250 km into the service area, mainly to open the water and toilet, stretch your legs to move around, try to save time, do not delay, I usually 5, 6 minutes to get it done. Driving 5 hours, 500 km or so to fill up once, almost a third of the amount of oil left to refuel, mainly because I am afraid of individual gas stations closed, worried about the oil is not enough to affect the mood. Oil to fill up, that is, to go to the service area twice to fill up once. Again, we must hurry, not queuing, including refueling into the station time should be controlled within 15 minutes. If there are fellow passengers in the car, to communicate well in advance, so that we all hold on to a little time. Do not eat in the service area, one is delayed, the second is full of sleepy.

5, driving at a constant speed, according to the navigation, top speed limit upper limit open, remember to be fast and slow, do not intend to follow the car, do not drive the car, the let, the grab the grab. Long-term stable to maintain speed, in order to drive a longer distance in a day.

6, relax and enjoy the journey.

Well, that's all I can think of, feel free to add.

Share a few long highway driving experiencesShare a few long highway driving experiencesShare a few long highway driving experiencesShare a few long highway driving experiencesShare a few long highway driving experiences