She Was Suffering From Obesity! Started A Hard Treatment And Now Is Another Person!

Amber Rachdi suffered from this syndrome since she was little, but she had not generated so much worry until she turned 24 and her condition was critical. The 298 kilos did not allow him or get up to the bathroom on his own, so it was time to ask for help and the program "My 600 pounds life" was his salvation.

With the support of Rudy, her boyfriend, Amber began the treatment offered by the TV program and the slow but arduous process was already under way. Diet was an important part of the time she had to lose a lot of weight.

In a few months she lost 55 kilos and her doctor awarded her with a stomach reduction surgery for the effort she was demonstrating. However, this way of losing weight caused a large part of the skin to be hanging and left over from Amber's body.

The doctor did another operation to remove the excess skin and Amber's changes became much more evident.

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