Sichuan flash floods have caused "7 deaths and 6 injuries", you can never save a person who is "looking for death"

In the past two days, the whole network has been screened by the flash flood in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Longcao Gou scenic area.

Just when everyone was lamenting the insignificance of human power in the face of natural disasters, I brushed up on a video that made me very distressed.

In the video, someone has been advising people camping in tents in the riverbed: the water is rising upstream, get out quickly.

But these people are indifferent.

This video is in addition to another video. It's the second half, a few minutes later, the flood comes upstream, many people are too late to escape, tents are washed away, and several people are trapped on the rocks in the middle of the river.

I wonder if the people trapped on the rocks were finally rescued? All I know is that they could have been less messy.


According to netizens, Longcao Gou is an "undeveloped scenic spot" that locals don't go to, with warning signs and protective nets around the perimeter, prohibiting visitors from entering the water. In some videos, I also saw barbed wire.

Sichuan flash floods have caused "7 deaths and 6 injuries", you can never save a person who is "looking for death"

However, in many map software, it is marked as Longcao Gou scenic spot. On a red book, a review and other software, there are still many bottomless bloggers recommending tourists to come here for a summer vacation.

Sichuan flash floods have caused "7 deaths and 6 injuries", you can never save a person who is "looking for death"

Longcao Ditch is a boundary ditch located in Zhongba Village of Xiaoyudong Town and Baoshan Village of Longmenshan Town in Pengzhou City. Baoshan Group, a collective holding of Baoshan Village, is a larger local tourism company, which said that Longcao Ditch was never a developed scenic area. The local government staff also said, "Longcao ditch because it is cooler in summer, many foreigners go camping. The government regularly organizes manpower to persuade people to leave, and installed a protective net around the perimeter, some people will pry open the protective net, and then drill into it. The government will also regularly repair the protective net.

Therefore, the local government cannot pick a fault.


If anything, being misled by certain websites is inevitable - after all, people travel uninformed. All like to use the app to search for it before they travel.

But when someone reminds you to leave the riverbed, you are still indifferent, then no one can save you.

As the old saying goes, listen to people and eat your fill. Here it is no longer a matter of eating a full meal, but a matter of saving a life, better than creating seven levels of pontoon.

Imagine if you behave yourself and don't go over the guardrail into dangerous areas. If you had been good and left early from the riverbed, would there have been so much danger?

As the old saying goes, a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall.

Never put yourself in danger.


Remember that in June this year, a fire occurred in a petrochemical plant in Jinshan District, Shanghai. There is a delivery boy on fire, he rode all the way, all the way to drive away the crowd of onlookers.


Petrochemical plants with many flammable and explosive products are very vulnerable to secondary disasters, and these onlookers will become victims of secondary disasters.

Sichuan flash floods have caused "7 deaths and 6 injuries", you can never save a person who is "looking for death"

This is the gentleman who does not stand under a dangerous wall!

I remember when I was a child, my father told me about something that two college students in our county went swimming in the lake after the entrance exams, and eventually the lake was too cold resulting in cramps and never came back up.

You know how hard it is to be a questioner in a small town in the 1990s. At that time, our whole county could not produce dozens of undergraduates. But it is such a proud son of the sky, but also did not get rid of the drowning of the doom.

Since then, I fondly remember what my father said to me: drowning will be water. It means that the ones who drown are the ones who can swim, and the ones who can't swim instead don't put themselves in danger.

Maybe you will say, so many rules every day, are you tired of it? This can not do, that can not go, what is the meaning of life ah?

But I want to say, life is precious! Life is lost, and then back to talk about the rules will be more meaningless.