Snakes Of Thailand

Going on a vacation to such a paradise like Thailand, it is worth remembering that even such beautiful tourist places have many shortcomings. One of these drawbacks is snakes.

Where do they most often meet?

In fact, Thailand teems with these creatures on a par with others: scolopendra, scorpions, lizards. But do not be scared at once and cancel the trip to this exotic Kingdom. Perhaps you will not even see them if you are only interested in beach holidays and hotels. For those who decided to settle in a bungalow, in a floating hotel or go on an excursion to the jungle - to see the snakes will be the easiest.

Snakes are found not only in the jungle and mysterious waters, but also on palms, thatched bungalow part, in the city, in a hotel that is located next to the thickets. Therefore, you need to be prepared that opening a door on you can drop a snake, which is not only that it fell, so also terribly frightened, she immediately tries to hide. To panic once again unnecessary. If the snake is in your room or in a public place, ask the staff to remove it. Do not try to get rid of the snake yourself or kill, do not run around so as not to provoke the snake to attack.

During moulting, snakes feel extremely vulnerable and can creep into hotel rooms and other places where there may be nothing unsuspecting people. Such proximity of snakes and people is justified by the fact that since the 1900s in Thailand, peasants and farmers built their own vegetable gardens and factories in the zone of snake hunting grounds. After this, snakes became frequent guests of peasant plantations, because there you can easily get chickens, mice, rats and even dogs.

The most popular tourist places and hotels try to completely isolate from snakes. But this is impossible. Sometimes small snakes still invade the rest of peaceful tourists. But you can be sure that having settled in an expensive hotel, you will hardly notice a snake, and if you get such a chance, then it definitely will not be dangerous.

To go to Thailand during the rainy season is stupid and dangerous. Despite this, there are several thousand tourists every year. Who prefer a "rainy" holiday. This is most often due to the fact that travel agencies do not inform their clients about the rainy season. This season is very high activity of all kinds of snakes, as they feel most favorable and safe at this time.

Which snakes are dangerous?

In Thailand, about two hundred species of snakes, of which only 70 are extremely poisonous, and 30 of them are sea snakes. But sea poisonous snakes can not be feared, because they are too small to attack a person and do some harm, besides their poisonous fangs are located deep enough in the mouth.

Of terrestrial snakes, deadly individuals are representatives of the family of aspides. These include krai and cobra. If you do not provide medical assistance in time after biting such snakes, then the probability of death can reach 50%. The venom of these snakes is very neuro-toxic, which causes paralysis of the chest and as a result, a person dies of suffocation. Krayty often look like poisonous-yellow snakes with black stripes on the vertical of their body. There are also rich white snakes with black stripes.

To the deadly snakes can also be attributed to the Malayan mice and chain vipers. From the bites of such snakes there are extensive swelling, which lead to the formation of blood clots and damage to blood vessels, adjacent organs.

Decorated types of aspids and kufi are less dangerous, but there are cases when people die and from their bites. To the safe reptiles, it is possible to include the headless snakes, snakes and fighters, since their poison is rather weak and most often does not cause health problems.

Sometimes on arrival at the hotel can offer to buy a brochure with a list and a photo of those snakes that live in the district. They will be accompanied by a description in English, as well as instructions in case of detection and bite.

How to protect yourself from a snake bite?

The most important thing is to be careful. Despite the fact that you are in Thailand for relaxation and relaxation, mindfulness will help you discover the snake before it discovers you.

If you notice a snake, do not touch it and do not create unnecessary traffic and noise, so as not to scare. Snakes can be non-aggressive until they are frightened or disturbed. In case you find a snake too close to yourself, lock it in place and very slowly go to the opposite side, moving to a safe distance for you. It is necessary to go away watching her and not turning his back to the snake.

If you decide to go on a trip to the jungle, then take care of dense shoes and pants. The teeth of snakes are very fragile and just break, in an attempt to bite you by the shoe, and dense trouser material will reduce the chance of penetration into your skin. Do not sit on fallen trees and stumps - these are the favorite habitats of poisonous snakes.

Most often snakes are active at night, so at night, carry a flashlight. It happens that after shining on the snake, she hastily hides away from the light.

Snakes rarely attack first. Remember that proper behavior when meeting with a snake is a guarantee of your safety.

If you were bitten by a snake, the first thing you should do is try to kill it, to give the physician more information about the type of poison and to choose the right antidote. But if after a bite you feel a sharp pain or a severe deterioration of the condition, you should immediately turn to help. Dial an ambulance on your phone or ask someone else to do it. Numbers of medical service and services on protection of tourists you receive from the tour operator or hotel.

Fascinating Royal Cobra

There is a well-established opinion that the Royal Cobra is more dangerous than other cobras. This is not true. The royal cobra is less dangerous than its other brethren. In addition, there is an antidote that is guaranteed to work if assistance has been provided within 10-15 minutes. The irony comes from another: the venom of the Royal Cobra spreads very quickly and begins to act, so it's dangerous to linger when bitten.

In addition to the fact that you can see it yourself, for example, in the jungle, you can still see it in the tourist centers. Snake charmers in most cases choose the Royal Cobra, as it is better controlled than others and the demand of tourists for its enchanting look and coloring is extremely high.

Some facts about the snakes of Thailand

In Thailand, about 20 people a year die from a snake bite. This is quite small, compared with the same India, in which more than ten thousand people die each year.

Achievement of minimal deaths from a snake bite was helped by advanced medicine in the field of antidotes and serums. In time to get medical care is a guarantee that a person will recover and will remain alive. Based on this, there are various centers in each district of the city, in order to respond quickly to help.

In Thailand, the world's largest snake institute is located - the Pasteur Institute. In this institute, the most poisonous snakes from the existing ones are grown. Collecting their poison, scientists create an antidote. In total there are 6 types of antidotes to different levels of toxicity of the poison. In addition, the Pasteur Institute has a museum where visitors can see leaders among reptiles in terms of danger levels.

In the Play Bar'ah, there are times when visitors to the bar discover giant pythons in the toilet. This kind of snake often crawls into such cool places to sleep and can hide behind the toilet.

Snakes of saturated and bright colors can be very poisonous. In Thailand, it is mainly poisonous-green and coal-black snakes.

Is it worth to relax in Thailand? Definitely worth it! After all, the banks of Siam are so beautiful that you will not notice snakes. And if you notice, they will not spoil your rest.


  • If you are going to Thailand, then you should think about a good hotel and beach, to minimize the encounter with snakes;
  • Do not panic when meeting a snake, correct behavior in this situation - a pledge of a good rest without bites;
  • When guided through the jungle, you need to dress appropriately, not short shorts and slippers;
  • In case of bite, seek medical help immediately.

Even rest can carry a hidden danger. Of course, you should not get scared, just be attentive to yourself and others, and then your holiday will really be unforgettable!