Some Really Strange Creatures

There are some really strange creatures that live in our world. You look around and probably see one.

Here are creations of nature that seem to have come out of the science fiction books.


“I found these weirdly solid purple globs of goo on the beach.”

Actually, it is a tunicate — a marine animal that is found in the seas around the world. It got its name thanks to its gelatinous outer covering that looks like a tunic.


This thing could play the part of a dragon egg in Games of Thrones.

It’s a cone of the Bunya pine (also known as Araucaria bidwillii), which is an evergreen coniferous tree. Its height can reach 14″, and its weight can be up to 7 lb.


“I wouldn’t want to find this in my cup.”

It’s a type of sea slug from the Pterotracheoidea marine superfamily. Thanks to their “trunks,” they got their alternative name: sea elephants.


It seems aliens are already among us.

These are insects from the Coccoidea superfamily. There are about 3,000 species known to science, some of which are used in the food industry for the production of carmine.


“At first I thought it was a cobblestone, but it has roots.”

Polypore is a type of fungi that grow both on trees and on the soil.


“Found hanging from a tree. Feels like cotton.”

Some species of insects lay eggs on the branches and leaves of plants, resulting in this pathological formation called gall.