Some Reasons We Haven’t Found Alien Life

Do you know the most amazing facts about the Milky Way Galaxy? Surprisingly and amazingly it’s a home to between 100 billion and 400 billion. So don’t you still look at the sky and wonder why the intergalactic aliens come to see you? Why these aliens dive down to the earth and make a zombie attack scene? NASA and other agencies have been talking about the discovery of new solar system, so where these aliens have been hiding all along the way? Here are some of the reasons why we haven’t found alien life.

Aliens are residing on Earth

Aliens are residing on Earth

Surprising, yet true that people in the prominent position of research and development are quite confident that alien life and work all around us. Former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer talked about the life of 80 different species of alien life existing on Earth. Some of them are almost identical to humans while some stay far away from the common people. One of the types of aliens were named as Nordic Blondes.

It’s not only the defence minister but other renowned personalities like Paul Davies and Dr.Robert Trundle from Arizona State University and Northern Kentucky University respectively have similar opinions about the existing of aliens among us on the Earth.

We are not able to track their signals

We are not able to track their signals

Great scientist like Frank Drake and Late Carl Sagan have talked about the lack of evidence and technology responsible for the absence of aliens. To trace aliens we need a lot of funds and technology equipment which is not available. Some of the experiments have progressed with the SETI programs, which were carried out with the borrowing of equipment (including radio telescope) for a limited time. The limited availability has caused a hindrance to making any practical progress.

There is news that Allen telescope array is being specially designed to search for the extraterrestrial intelligence which began in the year 2007. Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft has funded mega-telescope consisting of 42 individual 6-m-wide(20 ft) wide telescope. This might be the right device to trace the habitat of aliens on Earth.

We are not while the aliens are aware of us, they will kill us shortly

Here is another theory. Stephen Hawking, the most famous theoretical physicist warned the organisations and humans about trying to make direct contact with the aliens and extraterrestrial neighbours. He also supported that planet Gliese 832c, has a great potential to support alien life. He warned the country that aliens will try to kill everybody if we try to contact them. Well, it’s also possible that some hidden aliens would try to conquer over the earth.

Stephen Hawking also supported with his answer that, one or the other day in the future, we might get a signal from a player like this, who might be aliens, but we should be varied of answering them back.

We are in a big gigantic loop of space

We are in a big gigantic loop of space

Have you seen the tribes living? Do you know there are a lot of tribes exist in the world, in jungles, in the deep Amazon? We all know they exist, so similarly there is a high possibility that even alien exists but we don’t have any real evidence for them.

We are living in a gigantic world where there are tons of forbidden and hidden places on Earth which are unleashed. Although unknown to you there are places that are declared to be wilderness as a national reserve and forbidden anyone from trying to contact you. Aliens have different purpose and area of existence so discovering them would be quite difficult.

They might be not the part of Universe anymore!

John, a futurist once said that intelligent alien life must have existed in our universe once. According to his hypothesis, aliens have become so evolved that they have stopped looking at outer space and instead focused on inner space.

This could also be one of the reasons that alien life simply does not exist. In the past 14 billion years of Earth, there has been a lot o drastic changes, life has evolved like anything and hence there is a great possibility that we are alone. Aliens could have migrated or their existence is not necessary.

Humans are unable to recognise their existence and signals

There is great possibility that other planets might also be able to sustain life like the Earth. But it’s not necessary that their way of living be similar to the living beings on Earth. So it’s might be hardly possible to recognise a signal from the other. Just for an instance, we can see how bats visualise sound waves while we only see the light, it’s possible that aliens work on a completely different medium that is not difficult to recognise.

Lord Rees, a cosmologist and astrophysicist once said that, that aliens have been staring us continuously by us just can’t recognise them. The problem is that we always seek aliens, considering them to be looking similar to us but they can have completely different mathematics and technology of communication and signals.

Earth is not just very great as you think


It’s good to think that Earth is a blessed planet but aliens are quite interested in this. The World is far bigger and interesting. These aliens might have life on some super habitual places instead of Earth. It is also believed that aliens have quite a different technology and they’re able to communicate and travel across light years. Undoubtedly their superior technology and so they won’t even care about our resources to visit the Earth.

Further, there are around 8.8 billion Earth like planet in the Milky Way, so why could only Earth be the destination to choose upon. There are much more best resources available in the space, so the earth could possibly be a bad choice to harvest something.