No One Would Believe That Someone Lives In This Shipping Container

When young people leave home for the first time, they have a lot of ideas about what they want in their first apartment. Perhaps an open floor plan, high ceilings, and large windows…

But finding the perfect place at a price you can afford isn’t easy in today’s economy. So these days, more and more people are getting creative and building affordable living spaces that previous generations never could have imagined.

You might not think that a shipping container could be a home, but for the right person, it could actually be the perfect solution.

Someone Lives In This Shipping Container

This red shipping container doesn’t look liveable from the outside, but when you take a peek inside, you’ll be amazed by how clever it is.

More and more people are embracing tiny houses and taking advantage of every square foot of their living space. With the help of creative furniture solutions, decorating tiny homes as become something of a sport. And it makes me wonder: how much space do we really need to live a comfortable life?

Someone Lives In This Shipping Container

This house is perhaps less than ideal for a big family, but for one or two people, it works just great. Not many people can move from one city to another and take everything they own without even packing. But the owner of this house can!

You need to be handy if you’re going to turn a shipping container into a home, but it’s much cheaper and easier than building an ordinary house.

If it didn’t have a small white door and if there weren’t some plants outside, no one would imagine that this is somebody’s home.

At night, the container becomes even more anonymous and it’s impossible to know what’s hidden behind its red walls.

A full kitchen with dining area with an open plan, a large stove, and plenty of space for dishes, utensils, and pots and pans…

full kitchen

A living room adjacent to the kitchen with room for a sofa, a TV, and two side tables.

living room

Fine wooden floors and walls and two large skylights that let in lots of natural light.

let in lots of natural light

A beautiful bedroom for two with clever lighting that makes the space seem larger than it is. Nice shelves with space for books, cell phones, and a glass of water.

A beautiful bedroom

The compact bathroom is hidden behind a sliding door in the kitchen. It holds a toilet, a shower, and a washer and dryer. It’s a stylish and smart solution that doesn’t require a separate room for laundry.

hidden behind a sliding door in the kitchen

With the rising cost of housing all around the world, this looks like a perfect option for people who lead flexible lives.

What do you think about this shipping container home?