Something About UFOs

Today, humanity is divided into 2 camps. Representatives of one of them believe in the existence of UFOs and aliens, while representatives of the other categorically deny extraterrestrial life. There is a third group, which can be attributed to the waverers. These are doubting people who do not know whether to believe them or not to believe. But, in any case, the truth about UFOs is interesting to everyone. So there are mysterious objects with messengers in them from outer space or not? Below are the facts proving the reality of mysterious flying objects.

Meetings with UFOs, which can be called real

State of New Mexico (USA), April 24, 1965

Police officer Lonnon Zamora from Socorro (New Mexico) on April 24, 1965, pursued the violator by car. He almost caught up with him when suddenly a loud roar rang out from above. Looking to the sky, the minister of the law saw an orange flame. Its source was not clear, as the setting sun prevented it. Lonnon stopped pursuing the intruder and sent the car to the top of the hill.

When the car drove there, the policeman saw a small metallic whitish object in the shape of an egg. He stood at the very top of the hill, and the roar had already stopped. The body of the object rested on two supports, and on the whitish surface there was clearly visible a red sign resembling the letter "A" in shape.

Near the object Zamora saw two small figures, similar to human. They had heads and limbs, and bodies covered white overalls. Their growth did not exceed 1.3 meters. One of the creatures turned her head and looked at the policeman. At the same time, mysterious figures disappeared in an obscure manner in the whitish corps. The mysterious object gave a loud roar, a flame appeared under it, and it slowly began to rise.

Representatives of the authorities visiting the place where Zamora saw a UFO

The policeman fell to the ground and covered his head with his hands. When the roar stopped, he rose and saw that the egg-shaped aircraft was moving rapidly parallel to the ground. After a while, he soared vertically into the sky and disappeared. Lonnon contacted the police station on the radio and told him what he had seen.

Based on the story Zamora was investigated. At the scene of the incident found burned bushes and footprints from the poles. There were also eyewitnesses who saw an ovoid aircraft. The eyewitness-policeman on service was characterized only positively. In the future, this incident was classified, and the object was considered unidentified.

The State of Texas (USA), December 29, 1980

The truth about the UFO found its continuation on December 29, 1980 in Texas, near the city of Huffman. On this day, the owner of a small restaurant, Betty Cashman, was driving her car along with Vicky Landre and her 7-year-old grandson Jack. It was Jack who first saw a bright light above the treetops. Then a silver object appeared, which flew straight to the traveling car. He hung in front of her, spewing flames from the bottom.

The shape of the object was conical. He periodically erupted the flames and at the same time rose up. And when there was no flame, then fell down. People sitting in the car felt the heat emanating from the aircraft. They froze, watching the amazing spectacle. And the object flew up in a short time and jerked to the side. Literally a few seconds later, helicopters appeared over the forest. They tried to surround the departing UFO, and Betty pressed the gas, and the car rushed along the road, moving away from the dangerous place.

The owner of the restaurant drove the passengers home and went to her room. But already on the road began to feel worse and worse. Her skin became crimson, as from a severe burn, her neck swelled, and blisters appeared on her face. When Betty got home, she started vomiting. By morning the woman fell into a coma. The same thing happened to the passengers.

The next day, Cashman was in the hospital. Her hair began to fall out, and her eyelids were so swollen that she could not open her eyes. Vika's hair fell out, but Jack lost only one strand, which soon grew again.

Adult women have since almost never left the hospital. Betty lived 18 years, periodically getting into resuscitation. She died on December 29, 1998. As for Vicki, she could not work after the fateful day. She began to become blind, but died on September 11, 2002. But Jack suffered less than all. His vision deteriorated, but the boy did not show any more serious injuries.

Official authorities considered the incident and completely cut off any talk about UFOs. It also remains unclear what helicopter was accompanied by a lethal object and why they flew near him at all.

Alaska, 17 November 1986

The cargo plane of Japanese airlines "Boeing 747" on November 17, 1986 carried out flight Reykjavik - Tokyo. When the airliner flew over Alaska, the commander of the ship Kenya Terauchi saw a bright light at a distance of 2 kilometers. He informed the dispatcher in Anchorage about this. He replied that there are no planes around. And the shine in the meantime approached, and the pilots in the cockpit discovered that they were 2 dark cylinders with rotating rows of lights.

The commander of the plane Kenya Terauchi shows how he left the UFO

The mysterious object flew near the plane. He appeared at the dispatcher on the screen. And it became clear that next to the "Boeing" is flying something incomprehensible. Kenya requested permission to change the train to break away from the facility. This permission was given to him. After that, the plane dropped and made several turns, but the lights did not fall behind.

The pilots examined the UFOs more carefully and found out that a huge dark mass the size of an aircraft carrier and resembling a walnut in shape is moving alongside the airliner. After a half an hour, the mysterious aircraft finally disappeared from sight, and the Boeing landed safely in Anchorage.

The crew questioned the federal service, and the Air Force representatives acknowledged that their radars had spotted an incomprehensible flying object. But no rational explanation for this case was found.