Sound off: The many benefits to living near one of Greenwich's many parks

There are many benefits to living near one of Greenwich’s many parks.

I don’t think there is a more telling time in our recent history than right now to spell out the benefits of living close to one of our town’s treasured parks. As the majority of us continue to work from home, getting out of the house for a break with nature has been a top resource for keeping sane and feeling good. The most desirable place to do so is at one of our many parks.

During this pandemic, everyone has been looking for an outlet for the mounting stress that we are carrying.

While parks were officially closed for weeks, I noticed many people continued walking or running through them. Although, we could not picnic or sit on the park benches, just walking on the paths to admire the blooming flowers and feel the sun on our faces provided a much-needed retreat.

The benefits of having a park close-by are numerous. Parks provide us with sense of community, where we often run into acquaintances we may not otherwise see. This creates a sense of safety.

Children thrive in the outdoors when they can explore nature, breathe fresh air, exercise and simply play.

Families feel a sense of connection when they share outdoor activities, such as hiking through the woods or admiring the turtles in Binney Park Pond.

All the park perks are intertwined and help us maintain our physical well-being, but more importantly our mental health. Personally, I know if I am having a difficult day, taking a run at Tod’s Point, or simply looking at the water and taking a few deep breaths, lessens some of the challenges I may be facing. Having this beautiful resource brings me a sense of peace and joy.

As residents of Greenwich, we are blessed with a variety of parks with diverse landscape. Every park has a unique personality.

Whether you enjoy challenging hikes in the woods or kayaking on the water, we are so fortunate to have all these outdoor resources at our disposal. So, get outside, take advantage of them, and enjoy some of your favorite activities again!