Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move

Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move

Today (24) the three major A-share indices were weakly shaken, and by the close of trading, the Shanghai index was down 0.63%, the Shenzhen index was down 0.83% and the GEM index was down 0.36%.

Top 10 stocks with net inflow of major funds today.

Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move

The top 10 stocks with net outflow of major funds today.

Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move

Northbound capital inflows into the sector.

The northbound funds sold 127 million net throughout the day, with Shanghai Stock Exchange net buying 1.205 billion and Shenzhen Stock Exchange net selling 1.333 billion.

Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move


On the plate, pharmaceutical stocks strong throughout the day, CRO, recombinant protein, pharmaceutical business and other sectors rose, Panlong Pharmaceuticals 7 consecutive board, Essence Pharmaceuticals, Jiu'an Medical and other stops. Gold, chemicals and other cyclical sectors were active on the board. On the downside, digital economy-related sectors were sluggish throughout the day.

Overall down more than up, more than 3,700 stocks fell in both cities.

The Russian-Ukrainian geopolitical friction and the Canadian railroad strike have made the originally scarce potash even more difficult to find, and the domestic spot price of potash was as high as RMB 4,930 per ton on March 23, breaking the dusty height since 2008 and setting a new record high.

"Spring planting preparation" and "high price of fertilizer" has formed a contradictory collection, while the national "reservoir" opened the floodgates, the state storage of fertilizer began to gradually put into the community, the new price system gradually formed, the follow-up "potash" mood recession or climax fall, can pay attention to.

China Mobile today rose sharply, mainly because one is the announcement of the results are relatively beautiful; two is IPV6 technology innovation and convergence application pilot list contains China Mobile; three is the leadership to China Mobile, China Telecom, etc. to research.

So, today the three major operators have seen a big rise, but ultimately are rushing back down, friends still need to be cautious when investing in order to prevent cutting leeks.

Overall, the overall stability of market liquidity tone, you can actively focus on the current market hot real estate sector, has experienced significant valuation compression of growth stocks. Short-term adjustment as expected, and not yet over, so investors wait patiently for the end of the adjustment.

Focus on the following information.

1, after a month, the Moscow Stock Exchange partially reopened, the Russian MOEX index once rose more than 11%. A few days before the resumption of trading, the Russian Central Bank took initial steps to settle billions of dollars worth of stock transactions made by international investors. Even after the exchange reopened, many restrictions remained in place. The Russian central bank prohibits short selling of stocks, and while domestic investors can trade relatively freely, foreign investors are unable to exit the market. Although trades can be settled in U.S. dollars or rubles, foreign investors are still prohibited from selling shares until April 1. Even if they do cash out, the funds must remain in Russia. Russia's MOEX index has fallen by about 28% cumulatively this year, while the Russian ruble has fallen by more than 20% against the dollar during the same period.

2, Ministry of Commerce: China noted that on March 23, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced that it would reinstate 352 exemptions from the tariff increase for imports from China, which helps normal trade in related products. China has always believed that the U.S. unilateral tariff-raising measures are not good for China, not good for the United States, and not good for the world. We hope that the U.S. side will start from the fundamental interests of consumers and producers in China and the U.S., cancel all the tariff increases on China as soon as possible, and promote the early return of bilateral economic and trade relations to a normal track.

3, the Ministry of Commerce said in a routine briefing, will focus on the following aspects of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to continue to relieve difficulties: First, continue to work with relevant departments and localities, the implementation of foreign trade stabilization policy measures introduced in January this year, and take measures to ensure the stability of the supply chain of foreign trade smooth. Secondly, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council, in conjunction with relevant departments to guide the continuous optimization of the business environment around the tax cuts and fee reductions and other measures in place, continue to rectify the disorderly charges, fines and other issues to support the stable development of foreign trade enterprises. Third, guide enterprises to promote import diversification, strengthen international cooperation, and build mutually beneficial and win-win trade channels for raw materials.

4, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission website issued an article, virtual currency "mining" activities and China's carbon peak carbon neutral and high-quality development goals run counter to the complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept. To focus on the virtual currency "mining" behind the style, responsibility and corruption issues, according to rules and discipline, strict punishment. To focus on the "three new a high" "double carbon" goal to strengthen supervision, to promote the formation of the whole chain to rectify the virtual currency "mining" synergy. Discipline inspection and supervision organs should give full play to the role of supervising the implementation and promoting the perfect development, supervising the relevant departments to carry out continuous investigation and rectification, resolutely preventing "walking the old road in new shoes" under the banner of new ideas, high technology and digitalization, resolutely investigating and correcting acts of discounting, adapting and making choices to implement the new development concept, in order to promote Industrial structure optimization, promote energy saving and emission reduction, to achieve the "double carbon" goal to provide strong discipline protection.

5, March 24 (Xinhua), China ICT today released 2022 January-February electronics industry operation monitoring report. 1-2 months, China's electronics manufacturing industry to maintain a high boom, production, investment have maintained high growth, continue to lead the national industry. 1-2 months, integrated circuit production 57.3 billion blocks, down 1.2% year-on-year, the growth rate fell to the lowest value since June 2019; electronic computer The output of the whole machine was 61.85 million units, including 58.56 million units of miniature electronic computers, products fell by 3.9% compared with the same period last year, hitting the second lowest point since 2019 except for February-March 2020 (the peak of the new crown epidemic).

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Stabilize and wait for the opportunity to move