Story About Angelina Jolie’s Reaction To Brad Pitt At Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Is Made-Up

Story About Angelina Jolie’s Reaction To Brad Pitt At Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Is Made-Up
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A new report about how Angelina Jolie was “shocked” that Brad Pitt went to Jennifer Aniston‘s 50th birthday party on Saturday night is made-up. has been assured by Jolie’s camp that no one close to the actress is sharing her reactions to virtually anything with media outlets, most especially with a blog that’s known to habitually manufacture untrue stories about her. The latest claim is yet another example of a particular site taking an actual event involving Pitt, and then creating a fictitious article about Jolie’s inner thoughts about it.

Not surprisingly, the fabricated story comes HollywoodLife, a blog that’s frequently referred to as HollywoodLies because of its reputation for concocting phony premises, complete with questionable quotations from anonymous sources. This time around, the often discredited outlet alleges a “source close to” Jolie leaked how the actress was surprised her estranged husband stopped by Aniston’s birthday bash at the Sunset Tower Hotel. The untraceable tipster adds that Jolie was unaware of how “close again” Pitt had become with Aniston.

Towards the ends of this manufactured article, the serial fibbers at HollywoodLies quote what they maintain is a separate “source close to” Aniston as asserting Pitt’s attendance at the birthday party “did not come as a shock” to her friends. The same seemingly made-up “source” reiterates “nobody was totally shocked.” It’s rather curious how two different, nameless sources “close” to Aniston and Jolie use the exact same verbiage about who was and wasn’t “shocked” by Pitt’s appearance at the “Friends” star’s celebration. A skeptic might think the uncreative website just couldn’t come up with new words when crafting its bogus quotes.

The main issue is HollywoodLife makes up a lot of fabricated articles about Jolie, and they’re often her reaction to (sometimes inaccurate) stories in the news about her estranged husband. For instance, busted the blog when it slapped together an untrue tale about Jolie being “upset” Pitt was dating Ella Purnell, who played a younger version of the Oscar-winner’s character in Maleficent and was in the Pitt-produced Starz show, “Sweetbitter.” While HollywoodLies swore it had the inside scoop from a source close to Jolie that she was “not happy” Pitt and Purnell were together, the young actress herself tweeted she “literally never met” him.

Similarly, HollywoodLies maintained Jolie had a “meltdown” over Pitt dating Neri Oxman. But, as was among the first to report, and the MIT professor later herself confirmed, Oxman and Pitt were never romantically involved. In the latest case, it’s true Pitt stopped by Aniston’s birthday, but the website’s quotes and claims about having insight into Jolie’s reaction once again appear to be entirely made-up. Frankly, would be “shocked” if that blog could provide transparent proof for some of its Jolie stories.