Strange Find: Ancient, Alien-Like Skulls Unearthed


The iconic meme of Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos saying the phrase with his hair all tussled up and standing on its end will probably enter your mind when you hear this latest development from scientists.

A few years ago, archaeologists were able to unearth three ancient skeletons in Croatia. Nothing strange there, since fossils and skeletal remains get discovered all the time. So what’s so different about these ones?

Well, per the archaeologists, these ones are deformed and seemed to inhabit alien-like characteristics.

Ancient Aliens?

But don’t go all conspiracy theorist just yet, since the scientists have confirmed that these are in fact, nothing more than human skulls. They are however, artificially deformed and has been melded into a different shape. According to later analysis, the reason might be to show how they are a part of a specific cultural group.

Discoveries like these aren’t new since artificial cranial deformation is a practice that has been done all over the world in the past. This includes Africa, Eurasia and even South to Central America. Cranial deformation usually involves tight headdresses or other rigid tools to help “shape” a person’s skull while it is still malleable, such as those of an infant’s.

For many cultures and tribal groups, the reason behind cranial deformation widely varies. For some, it’s to create what they believe is a more beautifully shaped skull, while others do it as a form of indicator for their social status in the hierarchy.

Per a previous report, the earliest known recorded instance of it dates back to China some 12,000 years ago. However, whether the practice stemmed from there and spread to other lands remain unknown.

Found in a burial pit in Croatia's Hermanov vinograd archeological site in 2013 , the three skeletons are all identified as male, died between the ages 12 and 16. All of the skeletal remains show evidence of malnutrition. However, the researchers said that although it may be a factor, it’s not the reason behind their deaths.

Furthermore, the archaeologists weren’t able to find any evidence of the boys’ social statuses inside the burial ground.

Strange Find: Ancient, Alien-Like Skulls Unearthed

It was not likely that ancient humans ate each other as an act of survival. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay