Stunning iPhone 12 renders show gorgeous flat-edged design

New, detailed 3D renders have been produced giving us a high resolution look at what Apple might be working on for its next series of premium iPhones.

It's been rumoured for a little while now that Apple's next flagship iPhones will feature iPad Pro-like flat edges, moving away from the rounded edges it adopted with the iPhone 6.

If the speculation is accurate, it'll be a new direction for Apple. Or - technically - a return to an old direction.

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Prior to the iPhone 6, and all the phones that followed after, Apple had used this approach to frame/chassis design in its iPhones from the iPhone 4 until the iPhone 5s (returning with it again with the iPhone SE).

Stunning iPhone 12 renders show gorgeous flat-edged design

One could say the flat edges make the phone slightly less ergonomic than a rounded frame, but there's no denying that there's a certain visual appeal that comes with having those defined, clear lines.

Another thing worth noting is how small the notch is, and how slim the bezel around the display is: it's virtually non-existent.

We're not sure if Apple has the capability to produce such a skinny edge on the display, but we'd love to see it all the same.

It's safe to say, that because these are just renders produced based on rumours that the colours shown in them aren't necessarily indicative of what Apple will eventually choose, so don't go pinning your hopes on a deep blue or a pine green just yet.

Stunning iPhone 12 renders show gorgeous flat-edged design

Despite being early in the year, there are already a lot of rumours going around about the iPhone 12 series, aside from the design of the phone.

It's rumoured the Pro versions of the phone could feature 5G network support for super speedy downloads and low latency, as well as an all-new 5nm A14 processor.

We've got plenty of time to go until we find out how much of this early speculation is accurate, but if the phones look anything like these 3D renders from LetsGoDigital, they'll be gorgeous.

Stunning iPhone 12 renders show gorgeous flat-edged design

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