The Coming Worm Apocalypse Should Terrify You

You can’t avoid the zombie apocalypse in popular culture. But you may not have heard about the real one going on right beneath your feet: A worm apocalypse has been transforming farmland around the world.

Photos Of Prison Cells Around The World

Bastøy Prison, Horten, Norway. Bastøy prison is the largest low-security prison in Norway. The prison is located at Bastøy island in the Oslo Fiord, belonging to Horten municipality.

The Meaning Of Fruit Stickers

The chances are that most of us at one time or another have noticed those little stickers you find on pieces of fruit. Apart from the bright logos the...

7 Real-Life Haunted Houses For Sale

Ann Starrett Mansion744 Clay St, Port Townsend, WAFor sale: $750,000In 1889, George Starrett built this Queen Anne-style mansion for his queen, Ann. I...