Important Rules Of Dog Park Etiquette

The dog park can be a wonderful place to exercise your dog, get him better socialized, and most of all have some fun! But, nothing ruins a trip to the dog park like owners who ignore dog park etiquette.

Hell’s Kitchen S18E5: Fish Out Of Water

In this Hell’s Kitchen S18E5 recap, a strong, confident chef goes home and no one feels safe from elimination going forward. Ready for the Hell’s Kitchen S18E5 recap? The Hell’s Kitchen Rookies versus Veteran experiment ended last week, and we have returned to the classic men against women format.

How To Grow Your Own Loofah Sponge

You’ve probably had or used a loofah sponge in your life, whether in the bath or for cleaning around the house. But did you know it was made from a vegetable? While much of the marketing of loofahs shows the sponge in a seaside setting, surrounded by seashells and the like, loofahs are not the remains of an oceanic creature (unlike sea sponges).