Tattooed ‘Muslim Soldier’s’ Flashy Life

Tattooed ‘Muslim Soldier’s’ Flashy Life
Lavish Instagram post. Picture: leon68yaki

A self-proclaimed "Muslim soldier" who makes a living bodybuilding and sharing shirtless pictures on Instagram has opened up about his aspirations for 2019.

Hossein Balapour, known to his 154,000 Instagram followers as Yakiboy, isn't shy about showing off his ripped physique and lavish lifestyle.

The 28-year-old's Instagram is filled with him posing in various locations around Sydney and driving luxury cars, but a recent post has revealed that it is his friends that help keep him on track.

Last week Balapour uploaded a photo with his bodybuilder friend Marven Yacoub, with the caption: "Doesn't Matter What Year it is, Brothers Always Together."

Yacoub echoed this sentiment by sharing the same image and caption to his social media.

In another post, the tattooed Instagram star bid farewell to 2018 and shared his resolutions for this year.

Next to a picture of him leaning against his luxury car he wrote: "Happy New Year 2018 Has Been The Best Year So Far, Truly A Life Changing Year For Me."

"May This Year Bring Happiness, New Goals, New Achievements & A Lot Of New Inspirations On Your Life!"

He added: "Wishing You A Year Filed With Blessings. Good bye 2018. Hello 2019."

But Balapour's life wasn't always so luxurious.

Just six years ago he came to Australia as a refugee after fleeing Iran.

After spending time at a detention centre on Christmas Island, the bodybuilder taught himself to read and write English while living at backpackers' hostels and sharehouses in Queensland.

Tattooed ‘Muslim Soldier’s’ Flashy Life
Balapour first came to Australia as a refugee. Picture: leon68yaki

He shot to fame online last year after a series of naked shots with only a pizza emoji covering his private parts gained him a lot of attention.

Balapour now boasts sports cars, designer clothes, about $65,000 worth of gold and diamonds in his teeth and makes up to $1500 per photoshoot.

But despite his bad boy appearance, he says he is an honest family man, recently welcoming his first child with his wife.

"A lot of boys spend a lot of money on the girls, buy a handbag, this, that," he told the Daily Mail.

"I tell them I'm the Lamborghini - you don't need a Lamborghini, I'm the Lamborghini.

"I make money from my body. I work as a personal trainer for the wrestling, (doing) jujitsu, modelling."

Tattooed ‘Muslim Soldier’s’ Flashy Life
He posts about his luxurious life on Instagram. Picture: leon68yaki