Tattoos In The Style Of A Portrait

The portrait has long been known as a genre of art. It originated from the time of antiquity, when they began to portray nobles, pharaohs, and then - princes and emperors. Now the portrait art is transferred to all genre forms, for example, interior design, tattoo parlor, fiction.

Coming into the tattoo salon with the desire to get a portrait, a person solves several problems at once:

Gets an image of a loved one, whose image will always be close.

A great way to look like not everyone, because more often they choose verbal inscriptions or ornaments as nakolok, some brutal images - weapons, wild animals, to show the strength of their character.

Portrait points to interests, and the interlocutor is easier to find a common language with you. If he sees the hero of a famous novel or film, he can start a conversation without thinking how to begin, and you, as it were, point out to everyone else what they are interested in, so that they immediately decide whether you should communicate with you or not.

Portraits are drawn in different techniques: impressionism, realism, retro, caricature, etc. Thanks to this you will not see two identical images of wild animals that are also loved to choose for a tattoo.

It is very important that the tattoo is as close to a photograph as possible. Therefore, the tattoo artist needs to find an approach to the client, put his energy into the work and not forget about the visitor's feelings. In this case, the tattoo is especially memorable.

In the portrait you can depict the upper part of the trunk or head, but you can show a person or an animal in full growth. To make the portrait look more realistic, at the request of the client, it is depicted against a background of nature or interior.

Tattoos in the style of a portrait can be made in the classical version. This means, with a clear drawing of each detail on the original (photo). And can be modern - reflecting every stage of life in the form of a collage.

The portrait is a fertile genre for work, so if you want to experiment with form, color, breathe more colors, fictions and details into the image - you can combine different styles, for example, stencil and portrait. Such tattoos look especially original both on girls and on men.

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