Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Three rivers source, Qinghai Lake, Qidamu, Qilian Mountains, Huangshui River, is a lot of people travel to aspire to the place. However, in the Tibetan Plateau hinterland, there is a team, year-round audit perspective and the "five ecological board" to deal with.

They are the Natural Resources and Ecological Environment Audit Division of the Qinghai Provincial Audit Department. What is the biggest difference between auditing and traveling? Let's listen to the stories of the highland auditors together.

"The landscape, the forest, the lake, the grass, the ice and the sand here.

It's all about us!"

In the grassland very close to the road on a few newspapers, a few people sitting on the ground, set up in advance prepared water, buns and some cooked food, a lunch can be quickly resolved.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Like Yushu, Golog, these places, many towns do not have restaurants, they are in a hurry, this way of lunch has become a feature.

"They are the people who audit the sky, the earth, and the air in between. How about ecological protection and restoration, how effective is the prevention and control of air, water and soil pollution, and whether the construction of projects and the use of funds are standardized, are the scope and focus of audit supervision.

Nearly 90% of the land area in Qinghai Province is classified as restricted and prohibited development zones, which means that the area in need of protection is very large. Among them is the Yellow River.

"The water of the Yellow River comes from the sky, flowing to the sea never return." The Yellow River and the Yangtze River, Lancang River are originated in southern Qinghai, here is also known as "three rivers source". The Yellow River is the mother of the motherland, in maintaining the ecological balance and ecological security in China and Asia plays an irreplaceable role.

The Yellow River flows through 5 states (cities) and 16 counties in Qinghai, which is among the most developed areas in Qinghai. in September 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a symposium on ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin in Zhengzhou. in 2020, the Qinghai Provincial Audit Office organized a special audit survey on ecological and environmental protection along the main stream of the Yellow River in Qinghai Province, the first time in recent years to be carried out on a large scale in the province.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

The auditors took a handy photo of the Yellow River

How to take up the "source of responsibility", take out the "trunk to play"? "This audit is unusual, the biggest feature is the point, wide, large responsibility. Although the burden is heavy, but we have the confidence to complete the task." The deputy director of the audit of the capital and environment, the Yellow River audit project auditor Li Cong introduced.

Such a bottom line, thanks to their previous audits of environmental projects such as Sanjiangyuan, Qinghai Lake and Qilian Mountain. This reflects one of the characteristics of the capital and environmental audits, continuous attention and longevity.

Yellow River audit project, what to audit, how to audit, what is the focus, and what is the goal?

"To break the inertia of thinking and historical path dependence, find new ideas and adopt new approaches to reveal the most urgent and prominent problems of ecological environmental protection in the Yellow River Qinghai Basin." Zhou Hui, a cadre of the Audit Office assisting Qinghai, deputy director of the provincial audit department and head of the audit team, proposed at the beginning of the audit.

Innovation is the first driving force for audit work to keep moving forward. In the Yellow River audit, the audit team used system thinking and research-based audit concept, relying on big data and geographic information system, around the elements of the life community system - landscape, forest, lake, grass and ice "system restoration, source prevention, integrated management" to start the audit.

The Information and Environment Audit Division led the implementation of the audit, with a team of seven people and six party members, from planning to implementation, and then to produce results and outcomes, which took more than a year, and they traveled for more than 200 days on average in an area with an average altitude of 3,500 meters.

The one who wants the same thing above and below wins, and the one who is in the same boat becomes. They have no time to take care of the family, the family can only give the other half of the big and small matters, the growth of children have to be temporarily absent. The natural environment of high cold and lack of oxygen, the hard living conditions test the health, but also to examine their original intention and commitment.

Guo Guangyuan is the head of the Audit Division of the Information and Environment Department, and is the deputy head of the Yellow River Project Audit Team, a female representative who has been engaged in audit work for "decades as one day", covering 44 counties in Qinghai.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Qinghai Organization of the Yellow River project ecological and environmental audit business training

"There are also four state-level and one county-level audit institutions involved in the implementation of the Yellow River audit, we organized pre-audit training, the whole process supervision and guidance, and carried out a look back at the quality of the audit. This project up and down the province, play the strengths of each auditor, we unite and collaborate, very difficult." Guo Guangyuan said so.

The audit team eventually found hundreds of millions of dollars in irregularities, revealing clues to a number of illegal and irregular issues such as sewage facility construction, black soil beach management and grassland ecological compensation.

In order to reflect the most urgent matters in the Yellow River Basin, the audit team spent a lot of effort on audit research, writing timely, directional and readable audit reports, including "the urgent issues to be resolved in the institutional mechanism of Sanjiangyuan National Park" and "the urgent issues to be resolved in the ecological compensation mechanism of Qinghai Province" were reported to the Party Central Committee and State Council.

When the problems found by the audit were rectified, the recommendations made were approved, promoting such as the ecological protection of the Yellow River Basin, the institutional mechanism of the Three Rivers National Park, and the establishment and improvement of the provincial ecological compensation mechanism, the auditors of the capital and environment can not mention how happy they are, which makes them feel that all the efforts are worth it.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Although the process is arduous, but the results are good, the Yellow River project audit team took home the medal of "National Audit Institution Excellent Audit Project Second Prize".

"Doing a good audit of the Yellow River.

Just start with every little thing!"

When asked what physical qualities are needed to audit on the plateau, "not necessarily with what, in the Office of this situation is more, as long as there is a need, older comrades are also said to go. If there is a nosebleed, sleepless reaction, overcome a little also passed." Behind the "light-hearted", through the consensus of everyone.

The plateau is unpredictable, just a clear sky, a moment may be cloudy; road conditions are also full of uncertainty, mountain roads, cliffs are commonplace.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Processing work when auditors return from site

In the opinion of the auditor, going to the site audit, sometimes with the "blind box" as well. Once to see the green mines, the road is only wide enough for one car to pass, one side is the cliff, no one dare to look out of the window, do not dare to breathe. A tunnel, the local staff said the most afraid to take this road in summer, because it is manually excavated, no protective measures, very easy to collapse in the rain. Like Lou Jing, a young mother in the audit office of the capital and environment, the heart was in the throat, praying inwardly for all to be safe.

Highland auditors to get out of the division is not an easy task, adapting to the environment is only the first hurdle.

"People practice on things and sharpen their knives on stones." The next step is to go through large and small audit projects to sharpen. In addition to the Yellow River project, they also participated in the leading cadres of natural resources assets out of office audit, the comprehensive improvement of the Muli mining area and the southern foot of Qilian Mountain, the ecological and environmental protection around Qinghai Lake, the audit of air pollution prevention and control, and so on.

"Do a good job in the Yellow River audit, is to start from every little thing!" In the Yellow River audit, the audit team pays special attention to detail, always "eyes wide open", hoping to find "big" problems from the "small" breakdowns.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Auditors view grassland management projects

"This net fence has only been built for more than a year, how come it rusted like this?" At that time, the grassland is already slightly yellow, the audit team wearing cotton punching clothes in the verification of a black soil beach management project, the capital and environmental audit office Ma Jing suddenly issued a question.

Mesh fences are common in the grasslands of Qinghai. Fencing is the main measure to protect and restore grasslands, and is the last process of grassland management.

"Insist on encountering problems without fear, encountering focus without detour." Colleagues say this about Ma Jing. She came back from the site, immediately check the project information, found that the construction standard is to use galvanized steel wire mesh fence, and the state has clear regulations on the thickness of galvanized layer.

The audit team through sampling, sampling, after sending inspection, the third testing agency to give "the region of the rust-proof galvanized layer of the fence does not meet the standard, the quality is generally unqualified" conclusion.

After an in-depth investigation found that the original "product inspection report" is a forgery, part of the construction unit will be the so-called "net fence production license" into the bidding conditions, issued by the "Association of a net fence" is a private organization, the construction side and supervision side supervision has loopholes.

This also led to non-"a net fence association" of enterprises can not participate in the tender, affecting the regional market fair competition, the audit team will feedback to the competent authorities to rectify the situation.

Is it over? Not yet. "The net fence divides the grassland into areas of different sizes, which will inevitably affect the survival of wildlife, and if the design link can be more scientific to consider their needs, it can minimize the impact." Audit team member Chang Xiaohui speaks his mind.

The audit team struck while the iron was hot and followed up with audit recommendations to the authorities, including limiting the height of fences, adding animal access, and involving animal protection experts in planning. This gave the Yellow River audit a few more degrees of warmth.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Auditors check the rusting situation of the net fence

Sewage treatment plants are the focus of Qinghai's environmental protection inspectors and various departmental inspections, the audit team this time focused on verifying the management and remediation of the outfall along the Yellow River.

In a sewage treatment plant gate east of the river, the careful auditors found clues around the end. A thick cement pipe straight to the river, into the river mouth with residual water, accompanied by turbidity and smell.

As an environmental protection graduate auditor, Ma Jing learned that the wastewater treatment plant has two outfalls, one is the discharge of sewage up to standard, and one is a special case, with the permission of the environmental protection department, the direct discharge of untreated sewage overflow.

And the plant near the Yellow River, the spillway should be closed as required. What about the actual situation?

Sure enough, the auditors were "surprised" by audits in other counties, "about half a meter high cement pipes constantly discharging sewage into the river, cloudy liquid, pungent smell, foam gushing. Due to its remote location, the overflow outlet was not regulated by the relevant authorities."

According to the operation and maintenance staff of this plant, the relevant inspections in the past did not focus on the spillway and were surprised by the focus of the audit team's verification. The last identified problem was highly valued by the provincial government, and now part of the pipe network construction and sewage treatment plant upgrading projects have been included in the local construction plan.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Small animals taken at random on the grasslands of Machin

After contacting with nature for a long time, the auditors have a deeper understanding of "harmony between human beings and nature". "They love grasslands, fear nature, and are full of compassion for life." Lou Jing exclaimed, "We usually try to feel nature and learn how to protect nature from the masses."

"For all that I have given to the cause of auditing.

No complaints, no regrets!"

"Why do I often have tears in my eyes? Because I love this land so much." As the modern poet Ai Qing's poem, the Qinghai auditors have been holding on to a faith in their hearts - remembering the General Secretary's ardent wishes, and implementing the concept of "green water and green mountains are the golden mountains".

"Green water and green mountains is our brand, is our symbol, moreover, we rely on the home. Here are our relatives, friends, colleagues, there are all the beauty we are familiar with, if their own homes are not seriously protected, but also how to talk about the future." Li Cong has the feeling to say.

The auditors of information and environment carry out audit supervision with emotion. Department leader Guo Guangyuan is a well-known audit office "strong woman", for eight consecutive years to obtain the title of advanced individual, many times the title of advanced party workers. When the child was small, because she was always away from the audit can not be accompanied, the child developed the habit of carrying a picture of his mother in his pocket, and therefore was affectionately known by colleagues as the "pocket mother".

In the second phase of the Sanjiangyuan audit carried out in 2018, she led her team to work for a long time on the winter plateau at an average altitude of more than 3,800 meters, shuttling between data vouchers, herdsmen's felt houses and vast grassy mountains, and her hypertension and plateau reaction allowed her to sleep only two or three hours a day. Unexpectedly, she concealed her discomfort and insisted on the successful completion of the audit task before returning to Xining for a health checkup and an operation.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Guo Guangyuan explains to county auditors the focus of the Yellow River audit

Experienced from simple financial and income and expenditure audit to economic responsibility of leading cadres and natural resources assets audit, from book audit to big data analysis audit, and now the research-based audit concept is deeply rooted, Guo Guangyuan said, dry audit since his biggest change is the audit ideas have been constantly expanded, audit capabilities have been gradually improved.

From the first audit team leader of the Qinghai leading cadres natural resources assets audit project, to the first Director of the Audit Department of the capital and environment, and then to help the Qinghai Provincial Audit Department to achieve a zero breakthrough in the national excellent audit project, Guo Guangyuan nearly 40 years from the trial, paid the youth, sweat, wrote a wonderful page.

"I have done what I love most in my life, I feel happy with my career, and I have no regrets for all that I have given to the audit career!" Guo Guangyuan said emotionally.

In recent years, the Information and Environment Audit Division has won a number of honors - the National Audit Institution Advanced Collective, Qinghai Province Women's Advanced Collective, the Provincial Office of Advanced Party Branch, Advanced Collective ...... Division each party cadres have also been growth and exercise.

Tears! 3,500 meters above sea level and 200 days of travel - the story behind the Yellow River Audit

Currently, Qinghai Province is in full swing with resource and environmental audits, leaping from nine projects in 2016 to 54 projects included in the audit project plan in 2022, achieving the province's goal of fully conducting audits of natural resource assets of leading cadres.

Life is like a game of chess, with the love of the audit business and a sense of mission, the audit of the Qinghai resources and environmental people have not had the idea of "a break". In the future, they will continue to guard the green hills of Qinghai, in the audit perseverance, in the wind and rain and never stop.

Text: Yang Xuejia

Produced by: Audit Publicity Center of the Audit Office