Is OLED Slowly Burning Down?

LG's OLED TV has the best black among competing TV technologies despite the United States' National Advertising Division (NAD) recently browbeating the company to stop advertising them as "perfect black" and "infinite contrast". Any genuine TV reviewer in a dark room will tell you so.

What 5G Wireless Devices Will Do That 4G Cannot

The challenges of making a handheld device receive several simultaneous signals from sub-millimeter wave frequencies, remain extraordinary. They're as daunting, and perhaps as seemingly insurmountable, as the ones NASA engineers faced in the mid-1960s after the Apollo 1 fire, as they raced to catch up with President John F. Kennedy's end-of-the-decade deadline for a safe moon landing.

Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

Even though you use your iPhone every single day, you may not realize how powerful and feature-packed it really is. In fact, your iPhone has a few tricks up its sleeve that you probably don't know about. With the new release of iOS 12, we wanted to share some tips so you can take full advantage of your smartphone.

How To Find Hidden Cameras In Your Airbnb Rental

Let’s face it, there are creepy people in the world. That’s why we lock our doors at night, and why we don’t want to walk alone in a dark alleyway. When we rent a place, like a hotel or vacation home, we typically don’t expect someone to be watching us.

How To Take Better Phone Photos

It’s not just that smartphone designers can pack fantastic image sensors and lenses into a device that fits in your pocket. Today’s powerhouse phones also lean on their computing prowess, relying on smart software tricks to deliver stunning photos.

How To Remove Scratches From Your Phone

Remove scratches from your phone with a few DIY solutions. Proceed with caution, though. Whether it's from the car keys in your pocket or an accidental drop, our phones are bound to be victims of scratches and scuffs.