Redmi K60 officially unveiled with Samsung 1.5k screen plus Sky 9100, priced at 2399 to start

According to a Redmi overseas executives, the end of Redmi will release a screen ratio of up to 97.6% of the phone, most likely Redmi k60, and this phone will also bring the return of hardware absent for several generations, you guess is lift camera it, or advanced 3.5mm headphone hole it, no matter what, this time the Redmi launch, Lu will always bring us no small surprise.

Huawei nova 10 SE now on website: thinner and lighter than Pro version but same battery capacity

On the 23rd, Huawei nova 10 SE appeared on the official website overseas, and some of the parameters were announced directly on the official website. In addition, Huawei nova 10 SE continues the design language of nova 10 Pro, adding a new starburst ring in the camera module part, and the color scheme is closer to the "No. 10" color of nova 10 Pro, it is mainly silver color tone, the starburst ring is inlaid with gold, very recognizable.

Bought a smartphone for my wife.

This year's National Day holiday is coming soon, I to buy a new phone to send a wife, at least the face value to be high, good-looking, and finally I looked at this Honor Play6T Pro, on the feeling that this new phone is very good!

These 4 phones should be one of the top choices for users with a big budget, did you pick the right one? Use it for 5 years without stress

I have to say that the price of cell phones is now higher and higher, many people can not afford to buy, but if you want to experience the most powerful system performance, the most smooth running speed, which is still to choose high-end flagship phones, if the budget is sufficient, you can consider these four models, is currently one of the first choice of many users, and then 5 years without pressure, look at which one you like.