Why are more and more people buying drum washing machines when it's obvious that wave washers are cleaner?

Washing machine, almost a household necessity. As a household appliance in life, it is an important helper in our daily washing and cleaning clothes. However, we have found that nowadays, people who buy washing machines generally choose the drum type washing machine. This makes people wonder, it is obvious that the wave type washing machine is cheaper, and wash clothes more clean. So why is the drum washing machine sold better instead?

The first start of the purple iPhone 14 Pro, the first hands-on experience of new fruit fans and the choice of accessories

The biggest event in the digital world in September is the launch of the Apple iPhone 14. After the release of the iPhone 13 last year, looking around the friends have become the fruit of the people, in fact, a little want to get, but the news about the 14 more and more, hesitant up, looking to bite the bullet to adhere to the 14 release must change!

How to choose a home projector on a budget of three thousand? The Peak Mi S5 and Polaroid Z6X are the kings of thin and light strength

When it comes to why I would choose a projector instead of a TV, because the projector can project a 100-inch or even larger picture by virtue of the small size of the body, while the TV is constrained by the size, more than 75-inch TV is difficult to enter the home, not only heavy, and expensive, like I usually just take it to watch a movie, ball game or play games, it is not necessary.