The 17 Famous Logos With A Concealed Meaning That We Never Even Noticed

Like we have already mentioned in some of our previous articles, every logo has its own meaning. They are created in such manner that they are easy to spot and simply impossible to forget. Some of those logos are known for decades and we have never noticed some things about them.

Here are the 17 logos we found most interesting.


Pepsi has invested a lot of money in the design of their logo. It has so many hidden images inside: Earth's magnetic field, golden ratio, Feng shui, Pythagoras, Mona Lisa, The Parthenon, etc. Red, white and blue are the colors of the American Flag.


At the first glance (and every other) the logo for Hyundai looks like a simple first letter of the brand's name. But it is actually two people. It represents a client and a representative of the company, making a deal and shaking hands.


Adidas got its name as a derivative from its founder's name - Adolf Dassler. There were many alterations of the logo but the three stripes have always been there. That should symbolize a mountain - greatest challenge for every athlete.


The designer behind the main logo was Rob Yanov. He bought a bag of apples and started drawing them. Every single design was not that good so he continued drawing the entire day. He got hungry, started eating an apple and realized that you bite apples when eating them and that word sounds the same as a computer term "byte". Everything else is history.

Sony Vaio

This one is a genius. The first part of the logo looks like an analog wave and the last part of the logo is a digital code 1 and 0. So it practically combines analog and digital signal. Cool!


This logo has two different details. Arrow symbolizes a smile and happiness is a philosophy this company had in might. That same arrow goes from A to Z, which is a hint that, on Amazon, you can buy everything from A to Z.


The main part of the logo BR has two different colors. And when you take a closer look, pink parts are creating a number 31. That is how many flavors of ice creams they have.


Toyota is one of the favorite car manufacturers in the United States. That is why many see a cowboy with a big hat on their logo. But it is actually a needle and a thread. That is a hint of the company's past. They were the biggest weaving machines, manufacturer. And as you have all probably noticed, the logo consists of every single letter in their name.


Have you noticed that first two letters combined, create a wheel of an automobile?

Formula 1

Between the F and Red stripes, there is a hidden number 1. The red stripes are the representation of speed.


Well, this is a social network where users pin their favorite images on their notice boards. That is why there is a hidden pin in the letter P.


Beats is a well-known manufacturer of audio equipment. You have seen that logo for thousands of times, but have you noticed that it is not just a small letter B. It is actually a person, wearing headphones.


Toblerone is a company from Bern, Switzerland. In its logo, it has a bear, which represents that Bern is sometimes called a city of bears.


Some say that BMW logo symbolizes the rotating blades of an airplane. BMW has a long history in aviation. But that is probably just a coincidence. That is a part of the Bavarian flag, from where the company originated.


So it is obvious that logo has L inside a huge G. But the company says that LG symbolizes a person's face. It represents the company's aspiration to have the most ordinary and human relationship with their customers.


We can all see the head of an elephant on the logo of Evernote. But Evernote is a company which makes note-taking applications. That is why the elephant's ear is folded over. That is how we people sometimes make notes and make sure to fold that page in order to find it more easily.

Coca Cola

In its logo, Coca-Cola has a Danish Flag. If you look more closely, you could find it between O and L. Coca-Cola has used that little detail in their marketing for the Danish market, although the flag is a pure coincidence.