The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

When you go to the supermarket to buy pork, or go to the vegetable market to buy pork, the meat stall or supermarket counter will put pancetta, tenderloin, pork backbone, ribs, front leg meat, back leg meat, and pork feet in different categories for consumers to choose, relatively speaking, our family will buy more pancetta, tenderloin, and pork backbone. My good friend Jianguo, the purchase of hind legs, ribs will be more, because his mother likes to wrap dumplings, with ribs with lotus root simmering a large pot of rib soup, while eating dumplings while drinking soup, from the housewife's point of view, three meals a day will be much simpler, I have repeatedly introduced my parents to my good friend Jianguo's situation, but they just can not get used to eating, three meals without rice, it is uncomfortable.

In the winter, the country was built like this, probably because of the change in eating habits, and eating habits were difficult to change in my parents. In winter, my parents will eat lamb and beef, go to the wholesale beef and lamb market, my mother used to buy some beef brisket back to do potatoes tomatoes roast beef brisket, habitually buy some lamb chops back, roast carrots.

Good friends Jian country, in addition to eating dumplings, winter also eat lamb, their family to go to the wholesale beef and lamb market, like to buy lamb leg meat, so that when you go home to make carrot stew lamb, mouth is meat, and relatively speaking, lamb leg meat is also more cost-effective, after all, the bones in the lamb chops is also spent to buy, but it is true that you can not eat, and the price of lamb chops is really more expensive than lamb leg meat.

But my parents because of the problem of eating habits, I said many times, when I said, they promised can be good, but to the wholesale beef and lamb market, when buying lamb, or will only buy lamb chops, every time I think about it, I am a little less understanding?

One year in winter, our family went to my daughter-in-law's mother's house as a guest, my father-in-law and mother-in-law also made a large table of dishes to entertain us, including three relatively special dishes, stewed lamb abalone, spicy fried lamb head meat and carrot roast lamb neck meat, stewed lamb abalone with tendons and meat, soft and tasty, is really delicious. The spicy fried lamb head meat is not fishy and not stinky, very appetizing and down to earth, carrot roast lamb neck meat, firm and tough, anyway, these parts, in our family is certainly not eaten, but this time it opened the eyes of my parents, through the actual taste, but also know that there are more delicious parts than lamb chops.

Today in the background I saw a topic like this: the three best parts of the lamb, the price is half of the lamb chops, probably the kind my parents eat at my daughter-in-law's mother's house.

The following article, I also come to give you my understanding and views, you can also leave a message in the comments section, do you like to eat lamb? In the cold winter, which part of the lamb do you like to buy the most?

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

I. A brief introduction to lamb?

Mutton, with the distinction of goat meat, sheep meat and wild lamb meat, is most suitable for winter consumption and was popular in ancient times as a seasonal winter tonic. The meat of lamb is similar to beef, but the meat of lamb has a stronger flavor, and lamb is a little more tender than pork, and less fat than pork and beef.

The smell of lamb is too heavy, the digestive burden on our body is also relatively heavy, if the gastrointestinal function is not good, it is not very suitable for eating lamb, so we should remember one thing, although lamb is delicious, but can not be greedy to eat more.

After buying the lamb home, it is advisable to buy it now and cook it now. If you buy more, you can marinate it with a little salt for 2 days, and by this method, you can keep it for like 10 days. When you eat lamb, you can pair it with some cool vegetables to cool down the fire.

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

Second, the four most delicious parts of the sheep, delicious and affordable?

The most delicious 3 parts of the sheep, of course, this is also the accumulation of my personal life experience, is my own subjective views only, the following to give you my understanding:.

1, lamb foreleg meat, don't say you don't know the difference between lamb hind leg and lamb foreleg? When you buy lamb, you can say goodbye to lamb hind leg meat, tell the boss of the meat stall selling lamb, want to buy some lamb foreleg meat, the price is the same as the hind leg, but the foreleg meat will be more tender, cut into thin slices, put salt, pepper, egg whites, cornstarch marinade for a few minutes in accordance with the way fried meat slices, fried meat cooked and served, with onions fried a plate of lamb onion explosion, simple practice, but also no stink, than go to the supermarket to buy lamb rolls to be too much cost-effective.

2, the sheep's bones, that is, the sheep's hind leg "Polengai" that joint bone, just like the general pig spine, the price is really cheap, but not necessarily you will be able to buy, if you want to say taste, can be compared with the sheep's bones may be pig's feet, but the sheep's bones are more delicious than pig's feet, the important thing is, as long as you can buy, may need to book, the price is really not cheaper than pig's feet.

3, the neck of lamb, can also be said to be the neck of lamb, it can also be said that it is the most cost-effective lamb, but also are "live meat", with tendons and meat, the whole piece of nibble especially fragrant. Less fat, tender meat, although there are bones in the neck of lamb, but there is also bone marrow, lamb is also a lot of meat.

4, the price of lamb scorpion is naturally cheaper than lamb chops, and a variety of cooking methods, compared with lamb chops, lamb scorpion is with the loin and marrow of the complete lamb backbone, low fat and high protein, the usual practice is also relatively simple, clear soup hot pot or red oil hot pot.

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

3„ÄĀIntroduce several less common ways to remove the stinky smell of lamb in daily life?

The usual way to remove the stinky smell of lamb at home is to soak it, and then add some spices to cover up the stinky smell of lamb in the process of firing.

1, hawthorn, when roasted lamb, put a few hawthorn, remove the effect of lamb stink or very good.

2, dried orange peel, stewing lamb, you can put a few slices of dried orange peel into the pot, cook until a period of time and then fish out, and then put a few slices of dried orange peel to continue cooking, is also possible to remove the stink of lamb.

3, if you like to eat curry lamb, you can put curry in the time of burning lamb, about 2 pounds of lamb half a packet of curry, cooked and boiled through, is a delicious curry lamb, so do basically no stinky.

4, use rice vinegar to remove the stinky smell of lamb, meat pieces put in water, add rice vinegar, boil and fish out the lamb, this can also remove the stinky smell of lamb, similar to the time to blanch the lamb, put the rice vinegar to remove the stinky smell of lamb.

5, the whole white radish poke a few holes, put it into cold water, and then put the lamb pieces, after boiling, fish out the lamb separately, after this treatment, the lamb is also basically no stink.

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

Fourth, the way to buy lamb?

The above article has introduced sheep meat and goat meat, when we buy lamb, we should know that sheep meat is better than goat meat, the main reason is that the stink of goat meat will be heavier, below, to tell you, how should we choose lamb meat?

1, sheep meat sticky hands, goat meat hairy, not sticky hands.

2, the wool on the meat of sheep meat will have some curvature, while the wool on goat meat is hard and straight.

3, the fiber of sheep meat is thin and short, and the fiber of goat meat is thick and long.

4. Look at the rib cage. The meat bones of sheep are narrow and short, while those of goats are wide and long.

5, goat meat is more suitable for stewing and grilling lamb skewers, so when selecting, the muscle of sheep meat is dark red, while the color of goat meat will be lighter than the dark red of sheep meat.

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

V. Briefly introduce the cooking method of lamb abalone in sauce?

I like to make sauce bones for my parents at home, the purchase of pork backbone and pork leg bones, that taste is very good, when I saw the sauce sheep abduction bone, I was very hungry, below, to tell you the practice of sauce sheep abduction bone?

1, first to the sheep abduction bone blanching, you can put a little rice vinegar, so as to remove the sheep stink, while skimming froth, fish out the sheep abduction bone rinsed clean.

2, hot pot cool oil, put onion, ginger, dried chili, star anise and fragrant leaves, rock sugar, etc., bursting into a little soy sauce, sauce is easy to paste, so, change the heat to low fried into the sheep abduction bones, stirring evenly, add soy sauce, Sriracha.

3, add water or beer are available, boil over high heat and then transferred to the pressure cooker to simmer for 10 minutes, I like to eat the texture of some soft and rotten.

4, after the pressure cooker stew, in the frying pan to collect the juice, add salt and pepper to taste, a pot of delicious sauce stewed lamb abduction bone is ready.

The 4 best parts of lamb that cost half as much as lamb chops, connoisseurs will buy them when they see them

At the end of writing, I would like to say a few words, when buying lamb, people who know how to eat buy "4 kinds" of lamb, which is the lamb three treasures, delicious and affordable, and finally, a little of my experience:.

If you like to eat meat, onion burst lamb choose the front leg, stewed braised or hind leg meat or lamb chops suitable, of course, lamb neck meat is also very good, is not easy to buy.

In fact, it is because we only eat lamb in winter, and lamb is not eaten particularly often, the vegetable market is still mainly pork sales, so this is not familiar with the various parts of lamb.