The 5 essential herbs in Mexican cuisine

The 5 essential herbs in Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine relays on the use of different herbs to create delicious and unique flavors. These are the 5 most used herbs in Mexican gastronomy:

1. Epazote

Experts explain that the use of epazote provides a unique flavor to dishes such as beans, tortilla soup, and broths.

Eating epazote regularly is beneficial for the digestive system, as it has an antiparasitic effect, which consists of eliminating and expelling the parasites inside the organism. It also helps to stop diarrhea and laxative at the same time because it gets rid of any toxic residue in the intestine.

2. Avocado leaves

Although it is a leaf, it provides a delicious flavor. It can be used either fresh or dried.

In the center region of Mexico, the leaves are used in mixiotes and other meat dishes and in Oaxaca, it is used when cooking mole.

The avocado leaves are rich in calcium and potassium, which is beneficial for bones and the nervous system.

3. Quelites

According to nutrition expert Fernanda Alvarado, quelites are quite versatile since they can be used in salads, side dishes, soups, and main dishes.

Quelites help to improve digestion and a healthy weight.

4. Coriander

It is the key ingredient in many sauces, chicken soup, and beans.

According to experts from the University of Puebla, coriander can help in the treatment of diabetes type 2 and with the sides effects of medicines used to treat this illness.

5. Parsley

Parsley is used in all kinds of broths, soups, and rice. It contains iron, it is rich in fiber, therefore, it is good for digestion.

The 5 essential herbs in Mexican cuisine