The 6 Most Sexually Active Zodiac Signs – Ranked

What’s your sign, and is it one of the 6 most sexually active zodiac signs?

Sex is NOT going out of style anytime soon. Perhaps that’s why it can be so much fun to try and evaluate why certain zodiac signs act the way they do when it comes to this highly intimate subject.

Check out which zodiac signs made it on our list of the 6 most sexually active zodiac signs. Let us know if you think we got it right!


Bearing the symbol of the super sexy ram and under the ruling planet of Mars, Aries women are very active and enthusiastic when it comes to making love. Aries men however can be quite unpredictable. Not unpredictable as in, ‘do they want some?’. We all know they do. The unpredictableness is more down to how much patience they have. Aries men aren’t known to be patient when waiting to take the next level. They just can’t help themselves. After all, Aries belongs to the element of fire, and what’s hotter than fire? Nothing we can think of!


Pisceans are on the list because above all else, they LOVE to feel a strong emotional connection. What better way to do that than by getting really close and intimate to someone they have strong feelings for? Just to be clear though, try your best not to be a boring or lazy lover. They are not choosy on any particular position, but only as long as you don’t stick to just one. You have to switch things up occasionally or they will keep on swimming.


Libras are natural Sapiosexuals. They require attention and intellectual stimulation before you can actually get them interested in you. But once you get acquainted, you will learn that they are deeply romantic people. Most likely due to the fact that their ruling planet is Venus. A little advice when trying to please a Libra you really like? Well, get ready for some foreplay because a lazy quickie will certainly not impress them.


This one may come as a surprise to quite a few people, but Taurus definitely deserves a spot on the list. They are homebody types who kick butt in the kitchen and know how to make their home super comfy. They aren’t promiscuous people. They prefer to settle down with one person and one person only. However… That one person had better have a healthy appetite for some loving though! When a Taurus settles down, they want sex on tap. Don’t be surprised if you get jumped and dragged off to the bedroom in the middle of the day.


If you’ve got a hot guy hitting on you at the club, chances are he’s an Aquarius. They have no problem walking up to a pretty lady and telling them how hot they think they are. They are natural flatterers, and are probably the most likely zodiac sign to successfully ‘get some’ when they go out on the prowl. It’s definitely not hard to get one into bed. To get one to stick around for a cuddle afterward, well that’s a whole nother story.


If you’ve got a hot guy hitting on you at the club and he’s not an Aquarius, then he’s got to be a Gemini. They love to go out on the town partying. They also have no qualms about walking up to someone and flat out delivering a few pick up lines. They can probably even manage to make you giggle with a few of the cheesy one-liners too. That’s because Gemini people are highly charismatic and know exactly what to say to people. They are such smooth talkers, they probably could talk the pants off the Pope if they felt so inclined.